We Have A New Address

December 19, 2008

It is my great pleasure to announce that I am now master of my domain at happyhourvalley.com

Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Happy B-Day JoePa!

December 19, 2008


I was recently asked by Sports Media Challenge if I was interested in participating in a virtual birthday party for JoePa’s upcoming 82nd birthday this Sunday by sharing some stories, pictures, or videos of the legend himself.

Sadly,  I’ve never had any close-quarters contact with Joe nor do I have any special moments captured via pictures or video, so it’s really difficult to share any personal memories.

I suppose the closest thing to a “story” would be gathering with my 3rd grade class along with the rest of my elementary school in our school’s  library for a special video presentation. We were all expecting some lame cartoon that tried to encourage young children to read but lo and behold, the video was of Joe and his wife, Sue, extolling the virtues of reading.

It was around this time as a 3rd grader that I was just starting to get into PSU football..it was also around the same time that my parents were constantly harping on me to “read, read, read” even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of curling up with a book and to do so at our age back then was considered rather “nerdy” (you know, before bands like Weezer made nerds acceptable in our society).

However, when somebody else say…the coach of your favorite sports team starts telling you the same thing, you damn well start listening.  After watching the video, I made a more concerted effort to read more often as a youth, something that I feel contributed to my writing abilities over the years and may very well be the reason why this blog even exists to begin with.

So, in retrospect: Thank you JoePa, for making reading look cool.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him…

December 16, 2008

Kevin Newsome is ours!

Kevin Newsome doesnt do bicep curls, biceps curl in fear at the sight of Kevin Newsome...

Kevin Newsome doesn't do bicep curls, biceps curl in fear at the sight of Kevin Newsome...

Did I also mention he’s enrolling in January? Suddenly, there’s a reason to show up for the Blue-White game besides shaking off the tailgating rust…

Additionally, JoePa has signed himself an 3-year extension, causing Seminoles fans everywhere to cringe and  Oops Pow Surprise to celebrate as if Shonn Greene had won the Heisman Trophy.

I can barely contain my excitement at this point..it’s like Christmas came 9 days early…Time for a drunken “Goo Punch” dance party!

I Got Rose Bowl Tickets And I Ji$$ed In My Pants…

December 15, 2008

That’s right, thanks to knowing friends who have other friends in high places, Yours Truly has managed to snag himself a ticket to Pasadena.  Not sure yet where I’ll be sitting, but that doesn’t matter so much as just being there, period.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’ll finally be able to scratch off my ‘bucket list.’

Speaking of climaxes:  Kevin Newsome will announce his college decision tomorrow and his final three schools are down to Penn State, Virginia Tech, and Boston College. Additionally, there’s been a lot of jibber-jabber on the message boards and blogs about insider info claiming Newsome is a PSU lean, especially now that Pat Devlin is dearly departed.

Now, I’m not one who prematurely celebrates over rumors on the internets but I found one particular post from a Black Shoe Diaries poster that was quite encouraging:

As I said earlier today, all my VT coworkers came in to work mad at me today. They’ve all heard over the weekend that Newsome has swung our way with Devlin’s transfer. And some of these people are the type with subscription info.

Cross those fingers…Hopefully this time tomorrow evening, the message boards will for once be full of anything but “the sky is falling!” posts.

Two Cents On Pat Devlin

December 11, 2008

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 24 hours, you’re well aware by now of Pat Devlin’s decision to transfer.  At this point, it looks like he is headed to Delaware, an FCS school where he will be eligible to play immediately next fall instead of having to sit a year out.

I can’t blame Pat one bit for his decision, Daryll Clark had established himself as “the man” at QB and Pat could see the writing on the wall: that he wouldn’t be the full-time starter until 2010, his final year of eligibility.  This became even more evident when Devlin did not see a single minute of action against Iowa despite the fact Clark showed played as if he was still suffering the after-effects of his concussion.

Rather than go down the path of Mike McQueary (who waited four long years, including two under Wally Richardson who many times frustrated the fans enough to call for his benching in favor of McQueary), Pat decided he’d rather have two years of solid PT in order to impress the NFL scouts and raise his draft stock high enough to become the next Joe Flacco.

Normally, a transfer such as this wouldn’t sting too badly but given our coaching staff’s ineptness as far as recruiting QB’s go (no QBs drafted in the past two years, *cough* JAY *cough*), this is a huge blow unless we land ourselves Kevin Newsome or Tajh Boyd so now is the time to light those candles and say a  few prayers, Nittany Nation.

This Ain’t Your Ordinary Basketball Game…

December 10, 2008


Army’s “Black Knight” is in town to take on the Fighting DeChellises in an honor du-el to the death.  Apparently, he’s pissed at the fact that somebody on the team was flirting with his “trophy wench.”  Unfortunately, our best jouster on the team is Stanley Pringle and he happens to be doubtful for tonight after an ankle injury against Temple.

As a result, the line on this duel has gone from (-10) in favor of PSU to (+5).  Let’s hope that Talor Battle is honing his jousting/swordplay skills as I type this because we’re gonna need it.

Tipoff is at 7 PM ET tonight on ESPNU for the 100 or so people in the country that actually receive the channel.

Well, It’s Official…

December 8, 2008

Everybody who’s watching the Rose Bowl at home this year will snag themselves some major “eye candy.”

Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks for Yours Truly’s annual bowl extravaganza preview. This time, I’ll try and cover all 34 games in a way that doesn’t involve me going clinically insane…