Well, It’s Official…

Everybody who’s watching the Rose Bowl at home this year will snag themselves some major “eye candy.”

Also, stay tuned in the coming weeks for Yours Truly’s annual bowl extravaganza preview. This time, I’ll try and cover all 34 games in a way that doesn’t involve me going clinically insane…


2 Responses to Well, It’s Official…

  1. Mike @ ZN says:

    How are there not any comments on this post? I hate to say it, but USC does have one advantage over PSU… those Song Girls. We may despise that program, but the girls are hot. Maybe it’s all that warm weather and sunshine… just a guess.

  2. Mike, I’d say you’re about spot on with your assessment.

    Also, speaking of comments: If you want a good laugh, read the comment some NJIT student recently posted in my entry that previewed the men’s basketball game against them.

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