Saturday Night’s Alright…

We have a new running segment here: My friend John, who runs his own blog Rants From The District and I are going to have a little contest in which we will predict whether PSU will cover/beat the spread for each of its basketball contests. As of tonight’s game against Seton Hall, the contest shall commence.

The current line is PSU (-1). Yes, that’s right, we are a favorite tonight for once. I can sorta see why, since we beat Virginia Tech on national TV and even though Va Tech is rebuilding from last year, it is almost always a notable win everytime PSU beats an ACC team. Plus, I’m guessing odds-makers saw how great the student section turnout was and figured that it would be even better for a Saturday night game against a “name” opponent like Seton Hall.

I’ll admit to knowing next-to-nothing about Seton Hall except they are coached by Bobby Gonzalez, who is the real deal as a coach and recruiter. He took Manhattan to a couple straight NCAA tourney appearances and even advanced beyond the first round one year by defeating Florida. I also recall reading about last year’s game in which we jumped out to an early lead thanks to Geary Claxton playing like a man possessed in the first half, only to blow it once Seton Hall decided to actually press us. All signs would point towards us suffering defeat tonight.

However, I’m going to go out on a limb and say PSU WILL cover the spread and hold its own as the favorite. Our team has played significantly better at home, going 3-0 thus far in the BJC (as opposed to 0-4 away from it) , it’s a Saturday night game against a Big East opponent meaning the student section will be out in full force, and this team really shows flashes of brilliance at times. I say we show just enough flashes of brilliance to jump out to an early double-digit lead, only to see it diminish once Ed DeChellis decides to let his foot off the pedal and run a half-court offense in which our players will end up playing “chuck and duck” around the perimeter, but we hang on for the “W” much like we did against Virginia Tech. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

As for my Heisman trophy pick, I’m liking Tim Tebow to take the grand prize with Darren McFadden, Colt Brennan, and Chase Daniel behind him.

Even if Tim Tebow doesn’t win the Heisman, he’s already got a winning pair by his side


3 Responses to Saturday Night’s Alright…

  1. Chris says:

    That is why we love Tim Tebow. One more year cant wait for a national Championship.

  2. Matt says:

    Chase Daniel to stay at Missouri.

    Its great to see that Chase is staying at Missouri instead of going pro.

    BCS Champion Back to Back!

  3. Raven says:

    tim tebow is tha bomb. thats why he’s got a heisman, 2 national championships, a possible #1 pick in tha 2010 NFL Draft. Its sad 2 see percy harvin go, but he has even more weapons 2 help his passing n rushing yards. GO UF!!!

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