Penn State Basketball: A Happy Action Fun Time!

Alright, I admittedly did not watch the game against Hartford on Thursday because of work.  From what I have read though of other people’s post-game recaps it sounds as if our inside game was notoriously absent for a good portion of the game, while our three-point shooting (15 for 25) was a type of performance best saved for a team like say, Georgia Tech.

New Hampshire is the opponent today for the Fighting DeChellises.  Once again, there’s no line on this game which tells you just how crappy the opposition is.  New Hampshire’s lone game against a Division 1 opponent thus far ended up being a double-digit loss to Harvard so, yeah, I can’t blame Vegas for giving this one the cold shoulder.

Just taking a quick, half-assed look at their roster, their top four scorers are all guards which indicates that perimeter defense will be key to blowing these guys out of the water as expected.  Our athleticism in the backcourt should be the key here.

Tip off is at 2 PM ET and will be played in the friendly confines of the Bryce Jordan Center where an expected crowd of about 2,000 hung over football fans will be in attendance.  For the rest of you who plan to watch on TV, the Big Ten Network will be covering it.

And here’s a quick prediction for you: PSU by 25.


2 Responses to Penn State Basketball: A Happy Action Fun Time!

  1. Tone says:

    Gus Johnson is doing commentary for the Big Ten Network. I had no idea. He is one of the best.

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty excited about that. Hopefully he’ll do a couple PSU games this winter, it’s been my longstanding dream to see such a spectacle.

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