Jay Paterno: “Rocket Man?”


According to The Sporting News it appears JayPa is their favorite to take over the vacant head coaching position of the Toledo Rockets program:

The fit: Jay Paterno, Penn State assistant coach. He wanted the job in 2000 when Toledo hired Tom Amstutz to replace Gary Pinkel. JayPa isn’t going to get the Penn State job, and he’s ready to lead his own program.

I really hope SN’s “fit” actually comes into fruition. I am not saying this out of my normal disdain for JayPa but rather because it’s time for him to spread his wings, get out from under his father’s shadow, and try his hand at a head coaching gig.

PSU’s unprecedented success this season can be attributed in part to Jay’s Spread HD offense, which would be a fine fit in an offense-happy conference like the MAC. This could be the peaking point for JayPa’s head coaching stock and now is the time for him to strike while the iron’s glowing red hot.

And you know what else? I’d wish Jay the best of luck and hope that he’s successful in such an endeavor so he would make the PSU coaching tree look good for a change…I’m totally serial.


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