Y’all Hear? There’s A Basketball Game Tonight…

Whooo! Free blankets for everybody!

Whooo! Free blankets for everybody!

Game #2 for PSU’s foray into the “Philly Hoops Classic” tips off at the BJC tonight against Hartford.  Yes, that same Hartford team that rallied from 11 points down in the second half to pull off the near-upset a couple years ago. Only last-second defensive heroics from Milos Bogetic prevented PSU hoops from facing utter humiliation.  Not surprisingly to PSU fans, it is the only recorded instance of last-second heroics courtesy of Milos Bogetic.

Tipoff is at 7 PM ET and If you can’t get out to the BJC tonight, the Big Ten Network’s live streaming video will provide you with pleasure.

I’m not gonna bother to delve into this matchup since Vegas doesn’t feel its important enough to put up a line.  Besides, Crispin and Cream has a nice in-depth preview for you which pretty much looks like something that would’ve been written on here.

If there’s anything you should look for in tonight’s game it’s whether an inside game is established because it was practically non-existent against NJIT.  All I saw was a three-point shooting contest in a game that featured ZERO offensive boards for PSU, a rather disturbing sign even if the players looked like they’d rather be scrimmaging Bloomsburg again.

Otherwise, anything less than a double-digit win would be a major disappointment and perhaps cause for flipping up the plastic cover on the “ALARM” button.


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