Blue-White Roundtable Is Finishing Strong

The last regular season edition of the B&W Roundtable is upon us and for the 50th time this season, Zombie Nation is providing the questions. ZN deserves nothing but the utmost of “thanks” for picking up the slack that the rest of our lazy asses didn’t bother doing this year.

And, as always, here are the rest of the potential respondents:

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The Nittany Line
Tangled Up In White and Blue

There is No Name On My Jersey
We Want the Lion
William F. Yurasko

1. So, are you freaking out this week? Did you honestly think Penn State would be in this position, going into the last week of the season? How about Michigan State?

I was rather nervous going into this week, but the more I thought about how much we have to play for and all the other intangibles favoring us, I’m more confident we’ll pull out the “W” this weekend.

Honestly, I expected us to be about 8-3 at this point having lost road games at Wisconsin, Ohio State, plus another team that we normally would beat if we were “playing to win.”  Unfortunately, the latter still held true but handing Wisconsin their worst home loss since the Pre-Barry Alvarez era and ending a 30-year curse at Ohio Stadium are still mighty impressive feats beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

I also anticipated revenge against MSU this year, and I’m still sticking with that notion despite our recent struggles.  I’d still be very happy with a Big Ten championship-clinching win and subsequent Rose Bowl bid with a potential shot at USC.

2. What would you like to see more of/less of this week?

I’d like to see more running the damn ball with Evan Royster.  Daryll Clark should also get several chances to call his own number.  I swear, if I see us coming out throwing on the first play of the game, blood will shoot out my nose.

I’d also like to see less hesitancy out of Clark when it comes to deciding whether to stay in the pocket and find an open receiver or just roll out.

3. What are your feelings towards Derrick Williams’ career as a Nittany Lion? Has he lived up to the hype? How? If not, who’s to blame?

Honestly, the kid had way too much hype for ANYBODY to live up to.  With that being said, he’s easily one of the best speedsters we’ve ever had here at PSU and was part of the nucleus of the youth invasion of 2005 that helped bring a program in despair back to its winning ways.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably one of those douchebags who finds the tiniest things to complain about on the boards.

4. The national media is back-pedaling on their summertime pro-SEC propaganda, now saying that conference in overrated. What gives? Haven’t we (basically, everyone outside the SEC) been saying that the whole time? How would Penn State stack up against the top few SEC teams, like Alabama, Florida and Georgia, on a neutral field?

Seriously?  I had no idea the media was backtracking.  It’s about time they saw the light on how overrated the SEC is.

Outside of Florida (who I can definitely say looks like a team possessed and would likely destroy us), I say “bring ’em on!”  Georgia I never felt was a #1 team, and it showed when they got rattled by Bama and Florida.  Bama’s offense has been pedestrian-looking at times and more credit should go to their amazing defense led by man-child Terrence Cody than their offense.

Bonus/Lightening/Whatever you want to call it, Round…

-Daryll Clark throws a pick?

I’m gonna say “no” but he will probably fumble the ball once.

-Royster scores? How many times?

Yes, I foresee 2 TD’s for the Rolls Royster.

-Did you go to any games this year? How many?

I’ve been to all the home games this year except for Indiana (for obvious reasons).


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