Further Proof That Jersey Sucks.

Tonight’s opponent for the Fighting DeChellises: The New Jersey Institute Of Technology…Seriously? WTF? Who schedules this garbage?  Oh, that’s right, the dipshits who put together the “Philly Classic” field. Well, here’s a hearty FUCK YOU to you guys for giving us an opponent that’s only in their third season as a Division I team, can barely score over 30 points in a game, currently sports a 34-game losing streak (including an 0-29 season last year), and are about to suffer their 35th straight defeat tonight.

There’s not even a fucking line on this game, and with good reason. The Philly Classic committee might as well have invited ITT Tech’s intramural champions, at least I could stomach that better than a fake Division I basketball program.

Did I also mention their logo looks like something that was created in a “Basics of Anime Drawing” class? The logo’s probably more of a threat to come to life and launch a glowing fireball attack on Talor Battle than NJIT is to win this game.

There can only be one Highlander...And it's definitely not this piece of shit.

There can only be one Highlander..and this one falls way short of the mark.

Now, for those of you who like butt-rape: The game will be televised on Big Ten Network at 7 PM tonight. It’ll likely make for great background noise for *ahem* certain extracurricular activities you may be involved with.


2 Responses to Further Proof That Jersey Sucks.

  1. Mike @ ZN says:

    Beware, NJ will come and eat your brains in the middle of the night….

  2. Brian....the NJIT student says:

    Hey you…whoever you are hiding behind a screen thinking he is mister hot stuff typing a blog on a website. First, let’s see you try to play basketball yourself, you’re prob some jerk who has nothing else better to do with their time than sit in front of a computer and write pointless gibberish like your blog.

    Sorry, here at NJIT we focus on academics more than sports. Yes, we have division 1 teams, but isn’t any other school allowed the right and privilege just like any other. So what of the outcome. We’re still there playing aren’t we, we don’t back down.

    As for our logo, well I might as well say you’re a retard that has no clue about anything. It does not have the characteristics of anything from anime at all. The lines are clean, not to mention ours looks a lot better than half of the other logos out there.

    Also, just a little hint about posting stuff on the internet, remember who might read it…like someone from NJIT that has a little knowledge about a thing here and there. And in this “blog” you not only bash NJIT but you bash NJ as a state when one school can not speak for an entire state. That would be as if i said PA sucks because of UPenn or something ridiculous like that.

    So think before you write.

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