Big Ten Power Rankings (Week 12)

Some quick thoughts on tonight’s 65-51 win by the Fighting DeChellises over Bill & Mary:

  • Cornley and Battle are picking up where they left off last season…Now we need a third consistent scorer to emerge if we’re going to take a giant leap forward this year.  Stanley Pringle and DJ Jackson looked like strong candidates w/12 pts and 9 pts respectively.
  • People are already dismissing Danny Morrissey’s shooting ability after one off-night shooting, which is rather ridiculous.  The guy will have his hot shooting nights, and plenty of them throughout the cousre of the season.  If you’re going to criticize Morrissey, criticize his lack of athleticism or defensive abilities, don’t rag on him for his shooting.
  • The interior game needs plenty of work.  Aside from Cornley, nobody else has stepped up inside offensively or defensively.  AJ III was a disappointment tonight with only 4 rebounds and 4 points.  DJ is more of a small forward type than power forward but he’s looked like the best interior player after Cornley.  Paging Jeff Brooks…Please get over your concussion soon.
  • Chris Babb only played 5 minutes and didn’t do anything notable, hopefully he was just working away first-regular season-game-jitters.  Cammeron Woodyard hit a clutch shot to end a several minute scoring drought halfway through the second half and seemed like a kid who could be helpful for us defensively.  We’re going to need both these guys to become key bench players come Big Ten season.
  • I nearly fell asleep during the second half when it seemed all that was happening for the next several minutes was W&M would miss an open three-point shot, PSU would rebound and rush the ball downcourt, only to turn it back over.
  • Since PSU covered the 10.5 spread tonight, Yours Truly stands alone at the top of “The Contest” with a 1-0 record thus far.

Alright, time now for what you REALLY were reading this for:

1. Penn State – Yeah, they lost, Earth is doomed, the terrorists win, blah blah blah…They’re still the team to beat in the Big Ten.

2. Ohio State – The “Revenge Factor” will be alive and well this weekend when the Buckeyes pay a visit to Illinois to take on the team that seemingly eliminated their BCS title hopes last year.

3. Iowa – I debated heavily whether to vault the Hawkeyes over a Michigan State team that took care of business.  Upon further review though, I have to favor the Hawkeyes’ D over MSU’s, not to mention Shonn Greene has yet to be held under 100 yards a game as opposed to Javon Ringer.

4. Michigan State – Gets this weekend off before they COME TO PENNN STAAAATE for what should be the unofficial Big Ten Championship Game.  Be afraid, be very afraid…

5. Wisconsin – Starting to look like the Wisconsin team everybody and their mother envisioned: Running all over opponents and playing stifling defense that holds opposing offenses in check.

6. Northwestern – They’re beating all the mediocre/bottom feeder teams in the conference but have no answer to the teams in the top tier of the conference.

7. Minnesota – Looks like the Caddyshack Gophers have hit their ceiling and are going to continue getting Carl Spackler-ed by their remaining two opponents (at a rising Wisconsin team and home against a fired up Iowa squad).  Still a much better than expected season though, as they are bowl bound.

8. Illinois – Way to help the Big Ten cause, guys. Don’t be surprised to hear the Big Ten Network decide to cancel the remainder of the episodes for The Journey and replace them with reruns of The Ron Zook Variety Hour.

9. Michigan – At least Dick Rod will retain one part of Michigan tradition: The Little Brown Jug.

10. Purdue – Will the Boilers catch a jubilant bunch of Iowa players still hung over from last weekend’s keg party?

11. Indiana – “Fire Bill Lynch” signs are already prevalent at Hoosier football games.  A trip to Happy Valley should change everybody’s minds…To join the Lynch mob.


5 Responses to Big Ten Power Rankings (Week 12)

  1. SpartanDan says:

    So … Iowa’s 6-4, MSU’s 9-2, MSU beat Iowa earlier this year, and you put Iowa in front? This makes no sense.

  2. That was a different Iowa team you guys faced, one that hadn’t discovered its offense yet, plus they actually beat us.

    If MSU ends their futility streak in Happy Valley this weekend though, then they’ll get bumped up.

  3. Sparta300 says:

    Wisconsin in the top 5?
    Michigan rated above Purdue?
    Iowa above Michigan State???

    lol how do you expect to be taken seriously?

    And your comment of “if MSU [wins], then they’ll get bumped up.” lol, if MSU wins they’re Big Ten Champions.

  4. “lol how do you expect to be taken seriously?”

    – LOL, I don’t expect to be taken seriously. This is my blog, these are my rankings, these are my personal opinions. Obviously the fact you’re so offended by them and taking the time out to post it here in the comments shows that perhaps you DO take me seriously in some strange sort of way.

    “if MSU wins they’re Big Ten Champions”

    – No shit, Sherlock. That’s why I said they’ll be bumped up…

  5. Juan says:

    Now MSU is 9-3, and Iowa is 8-4. MSU squeeked by Iowa early in the season, but now Iowa is playing as strong as any team in the conference. Don’t be surprised if Iowa jumps MSU in bowl positioning.

    Has won 5 of last 6.
    Their 4 losses are by a total of 12 points.
    Has won all of their trophy games.
    Beat Penn St.
    Has a Heisman contender in Shonn Greene.
    Destroyed their Big 10 rival, Minnesota, 55-0 in final game at the Metrodome aka Kinnick North.
    Fans travel well, which means $$$ for the bowl that picks them.

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