Dear Football Gods, Make This Happen…

ESPN may be in the process of inking a TV deal with the BCS, snatching it away from those clowns at FOX.

The BCS is considering a proposal from ESPN that would see all BCS bowl games, including the championship game, wind up on ESPN, sources familiar with the negotiations are saying.

If the BCS ultimately accepts the bid, it would mark the first time all games in a major championship were not available on an over-the-air broadcast network. If the BCS opts to move to ESPN, it would continue a trend that has seen other leagues migrate playoff series exclusively from broadcast to cable. MLB, the NBA and the NHL all have placed playoff games on cable over the past few years.

If ABC/ESPN ultimately wins the bid and moves even one BCS game to ESPN, it would trigger a clause in its Rose Bowl contract that would allow it to immediately take the annual game in Pasadena from its home of 21 years on ABC to the cable channel.

I hope this is true because FOX has the worst, and I mean, THE WORST TV sports coverage in the United States of America.  The announcers are amongst the least informed, mixing up names, facts, and key stats.  Not that it’s any surprise because FOX doesn’t do any regular season college football games…and don’t even get me started on that joke known as FOX Sports Net. Being a Pac-10 fan really has to suck listening to Barry Tompkins and Petros Papadakis (who sounds like Horatio Sanz’s Gene Shalit impersonation from Saturday Night Live) for your “Game of the Week.”

As for concerns about the Rose Bowl moving to ESPN:  Practically 99% of households with a basic cable system have ESPN, and the other 1% who don’t probably don’t give two shits about sports to begin with.

I wholeheartedly applaud this move by ESPN to save another fine sporting event that’s getting raped Indiana Jones-style by FOX.


3 Responses to Dear Football Gods, Make This Happen…

  1. kevinhd says:

    I have reservations about this. As much as I agree Fox does a terrible job, their picture quality and camera work are just fine. If ESPN has the biggest platform for talking heads trying to get “their” team in, and ESPN showing most of the highlights that both the writers and coaches watch to see what “really” happened, it seems like a pretty big conflict of interest to then have them so heavily invested in the ratings of the BCS games.

    You could have a situation where the higher ups would tell the minions at the desk and editing game footage “make sure team X looks good, we want them in the game to increase viewership”. And no, I don’t think it’s too far fetched to think that could happen.

  2. Kevin says:

    There is a flip side though and that is that ESPN can single handedly ruin a sport or event by over hyping it. Not that I believe ESPN can ruin the BCS though, because Fox has done enough damage. I have faith that ESPN can restore some of the damage, even if that does mean more Mike Patrick (although having Blackledge is a plus, right?).

    If I were ESPN I would also require there to be some fine print about options open to the idea o a playoff system. And ‘m not just saying this all because Penn State lost to Iowa.

  3. Kevins: You both make valid points. I sure would hope that ESPN is also considering some type of playoff system for college football somewhere down the line and while KevinHD is not far off with his “editing room conspiracy theory” I’m more than willing to take a chance with ESPN. At least there’d be zero chance of Joe Buck ever calling the BCS Championship.

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