Well, It Was Fun While It Lasted…

Andrew Quarless butterfingers getting the best of him yet again

Game shot of Andrew Quarless dropping yet another easy pass

Alright, now that I’ve calmed down enough to the point where I’m not going to smash my laptop out of anger, it’s time to plow through the shit pile and offer my thoughts on another game that will go down in infamy with Michigan in ’05 and Minnesota in ’99.

  • Where the hell was the pass protection?  Granted, Clark made some bad throws today and it didn’t help with Hurricane Katrina wind-levels blowing around Kinnick Stadium, but I lost count how many times Clark was hurried or hit into making a lousy pass.  Iowa’s D-line could’ve very well set up camp in the backfield on pass plays because the protection was non-existent
  • What was up with the coaching?  Calling 3 straight pass plays into the wind on your opening drive?  Failing to use any of our 3 REMAINING TIMEOUTS with a minute to go in the ball game and Iowa setting up for a sure-fire field goal?  Did our staff trust D-Will to break a kickoff return for a TD more than they trusted Daryll Clark to lead a drive downfield?  And what about the “bend but don’t break” defense that worked wonders on Iowa’s final drive?  How many fucking 3rd and long passes did we give up in the second half?  Heads need to roll on the coaching staff…
  • Additionally, what was up with the execution?  Not being able to pound the ball into the end zone on Iowa’s 2-yard line in 4 tries?  Dropping easy catches?  Clark looking Morell-ian with his passing game?  Settling for field goals when all year long we’ve been picking up TDs in the red zone?  THAT’s how we lost the fucking game folks, if just one, JUST ONE of those 3 FG’s ends up being a TD, we win this game.  In the long run, FIELD GOALS DON’T DO JACK SHIT…Ask Wisconsin about their trip to Michigan earlier this year if you don’t believe me on that one.
  • We had TWO FUCKING WEEKS to prepare for this game, and we came out looking flat and uninspired in what was our final road game before returning to the friendly confines of Beaver Stadium.  Obviously, the coaching staff did not do a good enough job of reminding the players of the 1999 disaster and how you can’t waltz into a game this late in the year and NOT expect an opponent’s best shot.
  • These next two games will tell a lot about our team.  I still expect a win over Indiana, and it better not be close at all.  Michigan State though, worries the living shit out of me.  They have two weeks to get ready for us and they will be playing for a Big Ten championship when they come to Happy Valley. Did I also mention the fact last year’s meltdown in East Lansing is still fresh in my mind?  No lead will feel safe against MSU, I tell you.

2 Responses to Well, It Was Fun While It Lasted…

  1. Mike says:

    I hope we lose to MSU. An 11-2 season with at bowl win over Georgia/LSU is better than an 11-2 season with an humiliating bowl loss to USC.

  2. SpartanDan says:

    Not quite true anymore that MSU is playing for a Big Ten title – thanks to your loss today, OSU would have the tiebreaker (unless they lose at Illinois or Michigan).

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