BTB Pick ‘Em (Week 9)

No worries, folks.  I sent in these picks to Gopher Nation earlier in the week.  Additionally, it’s been a few weeks since I updated the standings for you, so here they are:

1 Gopher Nation 86
2 Ground Zero East Lansing 85
3 Eleven Warriors 81
4 Lake the Posts 81
5 Maize’n Brew 80
5 Happy Hour Valley 79
5 Black Shoe Diaries 78
5 Paint the Town Orange 78
9 The Buckeye Blog 77
9 Enlightened Spartan 77
9 Michigan SportsCenter 77
12 Varsity Blue 76
12 Zombie Nation 75
12 Off the Tracks ™ 74
15 The Only Game That Matters 74
15 Hoosier Report 73
15 Hawkeye Sports News 72
18 Buckeye Battle Cry 69
18 Boiled Sports 67
18 Sparty MSU 64
21 BHGP (HS) 61
22 Maize & Blue Nation 60
23 The Nittany Line 60

Northwestern @ Indiana – Indiana’s tumble down the rabbit hole continues with a nice pasting by the Mighty Purple. 

Michigan State @ Michigan – Having a “little brother” myself (4 years younger) I can recall being at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup one time when I was 11 and the doctor was comparing my growth chart to my brother’s and predicted that someday, my brother would be taller than me.  Naturally, of course, I denied such a thing would ever happen but lo and behold, my brother currently stands about 2-3 inches taller than me.

Well guess what, Michigan:  “Little Brother” is in the midst of his growth spurt…

Illinois @ Wisconsin – Just what the doctor ordered for Wisky:  A home game against one of the most prolific offenses in the Big Ten.  Have fun with that.  Do the players even give a shit about their season anymore?  They sure look like they’ve given up to me…

Minnesota @ Purdue – Fighting Brewsters will get their unprecedented 7th win of the season against a Purdue team that also appears to be giving up on their season (at least, until the Indiana game).

Penn State @ Ohio State – As stated in my preview this week, this is the year to go against conventional wisdom and pick PSU to win in Columbus.


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