Blue-White Roundtable Is Ready To Bust a Nut

Well, my laziness got the best of me yesterday as I didn’t get around to writing down answers to this week’s Blue-White Roundtable, brought to you by We Want the Lion.  Thus, I’m going to do it right now, with College Gameday blaring in the background.

As always, the supporting cast is listed below: 
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William F. Yurasko

Was Ohio State’s blowout of Michigan State last weekend an anomaly or are the Buckeyes “back”?

A lot of credit goes to the Buckeye defense for picking up 5 turnovers and giving themselves plenty of short-field situations from which to get easy scores.  However, look at the discrepancy in plays called: 52 runs to 11 passes. We’ll find out whether the Buckeyes are truly back tonight when they will be forced to have more balance in their playcalling in order to win.

What can Penn State do to avoid a slow start in this game?

Hang onto the damn ball!  I’ve lost count of how many straight games we’ve played now where Daryll Clark fumbles the football at least once in the first quarter.  If Clark keeps it up, OSU will probably take advantage of it by picking up critical points off turnovers.

Why is Ohio State ranked ahead of Penn State in the computer rankings? And why is every media member and his brother picking Ohio State this week?

To answer the computer rankings question: OSU’s schedule strength has just been better thus far.  It’s hard to complain about getting screwed by computers when you have Temple, Coastal Carolina, and Syracuse on your non-conference slate.  Not to mention the fact PSU aside from Illinois, has beaten the bottom-feeders of the Big Ten (Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue) whereas OSU has played more Big Ten teams that will finish near the top (Michigan State and Minnesota).

As for Part 2 of this question:  If you didn’t follow PSU or the Big Ten so closely and you saw a statistic that mentioned PSU not only has failed to win in Columbus since joining the Big Ten but has failed to score even 10 points in all of those outings, who would you pick?  Exactly, my thoughts.  That’s why it’s hard for me to blame most people for being skeptical about PSU’s 2.5-point favoritism from Vegas.

Lightning Round

Who gets more TDs on the ground, Clark or Pryor?

Pryor.  He simply runs the ball more times than Clark does.

If the winner of this game wins out, will they get a shot in the BCS title game?

Penn State will have the better shot at the BCS title game if they win tonight, all they will need is for either Texas or Alabama to slip up.  Such a scenario is highly probable as I don’t see both teams making it through the rest of their seasons unscathed; particularly an Alabama squad that starts games white-hot but finishes ice-cold.  That surely has to bite the Tide in the ass at some point.

Should the Buckeyes (currently 9th in the BCS standings) win however, they’re still going to need a boatload of help from up above…I’m talking of course, about Texas and Bama BOTH losing followed by all but one of the teams between 4-8 in the BCS losing: Oklahoma, USC, Oklahoma State, Georgia, and Texas Tech.

Does dotting the “I” even compare to our drum major doing flips?

I’ll let the photographic evidence do the talking…


(picture taken from Georgia Sports Blog)


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