HHV’s Big Ten Power Rankings (Week 9)

In a better effort to chronologically track my power rankings, I’ve decided to label them with the week of the college football season that we’re approaching.  In this case, Week 9 is on the horizon.

Enough of that technical garbage though, onto the rankings…

1. Penn State – Only a dominating second half performance against a motivated Michigan squad kept this blog’s favorite team from dropping back to #2.

2. Ohio State – Finally strung together a complete game offensively and defensively at Michigan State as ol’ Sweatervest himself Jim Tressel stuck it to the “Young Grasshopper” Mark Dantonio.  We’ll find out this weekend whether OSU is beginning to peak at the right time.

3. Illinois – Granted, it was Indiana, but not too many folks would’ve forecasted the Illini completely tearing the Hoosiers a new one, but that’s exactly what they did.  The defense remains mediocre but the offense continues to click on all cylinders as the Illini look like the best team in the Big Ten after PSU and OSU.

4. Michigan State – If Johnelle Smith were still coaching, there would already be calls for a “Sparty collapse” on the horizon.  However, something tells me that Mark Dantonio will have his guys fired up enough to stick it to their older brother this weekend.

5. Minnesota – A funny thing happened during the bye week: The Gophers entered the Top 25. If you also take a look at their remaining schedule (@Purdue, Northwestern, Michigan, @Wisconsin, Iowa), it’s not laughable at all to suggest that the Caddyshack Gophers could reach 10 wins, a feat that would lock up a “Coach Of The Year” award for Tim Brewster.

6. Northwestern – Like truly legit teams should, the Wild Kitties got back on track with a clobbering of Purdue last weekend.  Don’t look for the train to get derailed this week against a reeling Indiana team.

7. Iowa – “Oops Pow Surprise” over at Black Heart Gold Pants has to have blown his load at least 10 times this week over the emergence of tailback Shonn Greene.

8. Michigan – Actually showed signs of life last weekend in Happy Valley before the inevitable crushing…Probably had something to do with a MINOR change at tailback.

9. Wisconsin – I tried incredibly hard to resist, but I couldn’t help myself…Take it away, Tom Petty!

10. Purdue – It’s hard to find anything good to say about this depressing train wreck of a team.  Time to throw a diabeetus dance party!

11. Indiana – (Searching for something positive to say)…DOES NOT COMPUTE.


4 Responses to HHV’s Big Ten Power Rankings (Week 9)

  1. […] Penn State blog Happy Hour Valley notes: A funny thing happened during the bye week: The Gophers entered the Top 25. If you also take a […]

  2. Chaddogg says:

    Illinois ABOVE Michigan State/Northwestern/Minnesota?

    Laughable. Very laughable.

    The Illini are #6…at best. Possibly below Iowa, even.

  3. Chaddogg, my rankings aren’t based entirely on wins/losses. As much as I’m impressed with Minnesota’s rise, I still think they caught Illinois looking past them. 8 out of 10 times, the Illini win that game in Champaign. Plus, I don’t move teams up if they’re coming off a bye-week (just a simple rule of mine).

    Also, Michigan St. looks entirely one-dimensional offensively…Northwestern you may have a point, but I want to see them take out some upper echelon teams in the conference before I rank them any higher.

  4. Joe Bag of Doughnuts says:

    Are you drunk? Iowa is the 3rd best team in this conference. Illinois 3rd? They just lost to MN and WI. End of the year, you will see MY BOY!

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