Buckeyes Play “No Respect” Card; Lions Fans Know Better.

In an attempt to bring about complacency and cockiness into the Penn State fanbase, Ohio State’s players are beginning to typecast themselves as the Big Ten’s Rodney Dangerfield.  In other words, they don’t get any respect.  At least, so sayeth Adam Rittenberg, ESPN’s Big Ten blogger.

Here’s a brief excerpt from said article:

Despite a favorable computer average, Ohio State’s sagging image among the human voters resulted in the Buckeyes being slotted No. 9 in the initial BCS standings, two spots behind Georgia. Heading into Saturday night’s showdown against No. 3 Penn State (ABC, 8 p.m. ET), Wells knows exactly where Ohio State stands.

“I definitely see us as underdogs,” he said. “We’ve not been producing to the expectations of the media or whoever it may be. A lot of people aren’t thinking we’re a great football team.”

Added Buckeyes cornerback Malcolm Jenkins: “If we could come out with a win, it would force some people to respect us again because we pretty much don’t have any right now.”

That’s right: If you actually buy into such crap and completely ignore the total ass-whipping the Buckeyes laid upon a Top 25 Michigan State team in East Lansing last weekend which garnered plenty of praise from college football analysts across the country, then OSU is a disrespected team that gets no love from anybody but themselves.

We see through your charade, Buckeyes, and we sure as hell aren’t falling for your “reverse psychology” tricks…Not when we have yet to score even 10 effin’ points in Columbus since joining the Big Ten in 1993.


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