Big Ten Blogger Pick ‘Em (Week 8)

For those of you may be wondering why there’s no “Better Know An Opponent” segment this week:  To be quite frank with you, The Nittany Line’s preview pretty much features the same thoughts/analysis I would’ve provided and there’s no point in me putting in the blood, sweat, and tears that go into a typical blog post just to rehash the same ol’ crap.  I will, however, offer a score prediction whenever I go over my pick for the scUM-PSU game here on another fine edition of “BTB Pick ‘Em”

Let’s get to the games, shall we?

Purdue @ Northwestern – The “Joe Tiller Farewell Tour” at Purdue has been one of the most painful to watch since the Smashing Pumpkins’ original lineup called it quits back in 2000 as the team continues to disappoint with each passing game (no pun intended). Things don’t look to be getting much better against a pissed off Northwestern team looking to regain its mojo back from its first five games.

Ohio State @ Michigan State – This game is practically a toss-up. Look for a “Battle Of The Network Tailbacks” between Beanie Wells and Javon Ringer, first man to 200 yards wins.  The stifling defense of MSU will also provide yet another road test for Terrelle Pryor and company, will Pryor be able to pull off some heroics once again?  Brian Hoyer must also step up at QB and string together a solid passing game in order to keep OSU from stacking the box and trying to eliminate the run…I’m just not sure if he’s up to the task.

I’m taking the Buckeyes in a game that should remain tight from the opening kickoff to the final play.

Wisconsin @ Iowa – Iowa finally showed signs of life offensively last week at Indiana.  I want to see them do it against a decent opponent though that has some signs of life on defense (despite what PSU showcased in Madison last weekend) before I can start taking them seriously.  I’m taking the Badgers here.

Indiana @ Illinois – Just what the doctor ordered for the Illini.  Look for Juice and Company to shred apart a crap-tastic Hoosier defense.  Indiana will keep it fairly close though with their offense going up against a not-so-hot-themselves Illini defenseBut it won’t be enough.

Michigan @ Penn State –  Let’s see…Michigan’s offense blows, much like Bob Saget trying to desperately score some coke in Half-Baked.  Their defense isn’t too shabby, but they’re very vulnerable to a strong passing attack, plus the offense is so pitiful that the defense spends most of the game on the field and tires out anyway.

So as far as a prediction goes, here it is: Penn State 45-14. After 12 years of frustration, get ready for the most one-sided slaughtering since Peter Weller in Robocop.

Steven Threet will take a similar number of shots to the body.


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