Blue-White Roundtable Says “Enough”

William F. Yurasko is our Verbal Kint for the week.

And playing the roles of Keaton, McManus, Hockney, Fenster, Kobayashi, and Redfoot:
Black Shoe Diaries
The Nittany Line
Tangled Up In Blue And White
There is No Name On My Jersey
We Want the Lion
Zombie Nation

Penn State is undefeated and ranked #3 in both major polls. Have they been tested yet?

Okay, who allowed Mark May to write the questions to this roundtable?  No, we still haven’t been tested..All we’ve done thus far is shut down a couple quality offenses in Oregon State and Illinois, shut down a vaunted passing attack at Purdue, and traveled into one of the most raucous environments in college football at Wisconsin and handed the home team its worst defeat in 19 years.  Oh, and did I mention that our offense is ranked 9th in the country?  I’m still gonna have to see a little more out of this PSU team before I can be sold on them…

What unit or player is most responsible for the Nittany Lions success this season?

The lines: Offensive and Defensive.  Offensively, Evan Royster and Stephfon Green have been given holes wider than Ann Arbor’s snatch to run through while Darryl Clark usually has had more than enough time to find an open receiver.  Defensively, the line has been so good that we can afford to simply rush our 4 linemen and get to the QB with relative consistency, allowing the linebackers to stay back in coverage or help with run support.

I would also add though that having Clark at QB has indeed made a world of a difference.  It’s nice to have a QB that doesn’t constantly force passes into double and triple coverage or make idiotic decisions when it comes to scrambling or throwing the ball away.  Sure, we haven’t trailed yet in the fourth quarter this year (and god forbid, this weekend marks the first time) but I already have a lot more faith in Clark leading a come-from-behind drive with the game on the line than I ever did in a certain other QB…

How can Michigan beat Penn State on Saturday?

Nothing short of 5-6 Turnovers by PSU and Sam McGuffie successfully landing about 10 hurdles.


Going up for Homecoming?

Already here…NEXT.

What do you think is going through Maurice Evans head these days?

Whether State College will ever open up a White Castle.

Where were you the last time Penn State beat Michigan?

I was 12 years old, in the 7th grade.  Hard to believe I’ve gone through puberty and all the other crazy shit that happens in betweent ages 12 to 24 without ever seeing another win against Michigan.

Will Joe Paterno be on the sidelines for any of the game?

If PSU finally smartens up and realizes that JoePa can make history one last time by becoming the first head coach to lead his team out onto the field via segway, then the answer is a resounding YES.


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