Stuff White People Like: Sam McGuffie

There are some activities in society where the idea of a white person being successful is so preposterous that the term “white” is used to describe how un-talented somebody is.  A partial list of examples include: rap music, dancing (sans the ballroom variety), hot-dog eating contests, and Division 1 college basketball teams sporting five white guys on the court at once with the game’s outcome still in doubt.

However, white people are also quick to embrace one of their own who bucks the trend and becomes a raging success in such endeavors normally dominated by non-whites.  The University of Michigan running back Sam McGuffie is one of those people.  McGuffie has the speed and juking ability of any black running back and thus, brings a touch of diversity to a predominantly black position in football and we all know that white people absolutely love diversity.

Additionally, McGuffie is also a YouTube celebrity, being featured in a video that shows him hurdling over an opposing player during his high school football days.

This resonates highly amongst white people as most of them feel their true calling is in the arts and entertainment world but are too afraid of living in poverty while trying to rise through the ranks and thus, will create YouTube videos of their own which they hope the right people in the entertainment/arts industry will take notice of and whisk them away from whatever mundane corporate job they may be wallowing away in.

Be aware that some white people may be reluctant to embrace McGuffie because he plays football as opposed to soccer or ultimate frisbee, this is where you need to remind them that:

A.      McGuffie plays COLLEGE football

B.      College football teams are NOT corporations

C.      College football players are not paid*

*And if they are then their coaches, parents, and “agent friends” are totally unaware of it.


2 Responses to Stuff White People Like: Sam McGuffie

  1. steadman says:

    Just heard the phrase:

    “he’s like a black Gufster”

    in reference to a tough, fast, smart, african american running back.

    how perfect is that

  2. stan says:

    that’s great
    keep em coming…

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