HHV’s Big Ten Power Rankings

Terrelle Pryor’s dramatic go-ahead TD run in the final minute at Wisconsin this past weekend helped to ensure there would be no shake-ups at the top of the list (at least, for now).  The Buckeye QB may only be a freshman, but he sure showed a senior-like poise in the face of adversity as he saved OSU’s scant BCS title hopes.  If the Buckeyes go on to win the Big Ten, TP will no doubt be looked back upon as the guy who helped save OSU’s season (along with the return of a healthy Beanie Wells, of course).

Anyway, onto the rankings:

1. Ohio State (1) – Do you really think Todd Boeckman would’ve engineered the Buckeyes’ game-winning drive in Madison last Saturday?

2.  Penn State (2) –  Even crappy turf can only do so much to slow down the Jaybama Spread HD tank

3.  Wisconsin (3) – No reason to rank ‘em any lower, considering I would’ve likely vaulted them into the #1 slot had they stopped OSU on its game-winning drive.

4.  Illinois (5) – Recovered nicely from a tough road loss at PSU and an early 14-3 defecit at Michigan to end up trouncing the Wolverines 45-20 in the Big House.  Such a performance deserves a bump.

5.  Michigan St. (4) – Won a hard-fought battle with Iowa.  Meanwhile, silly questions abound as to whether hybrid-clone Javon Ringer is getting tired from averaging a couple hundred carries per game.

6.  Northwestern (7) – Looked pretty solid against “Bye” last week, and will be very much up to the task of facing “Javon Ringer State” this weekend

7.  Minnesota (8) –  In what was expected to be a shootout last week between the Caddyshack Gophers and Indiana, the Gophers ended up proving that they too, can play and win in low-scoring defensive struggles.

8.  Michigan (6) – Look on the bright side: The Wolverines only fumbled twice last week.

9.  Purdue (9) – Is Joe Tiller already relaxing on a beach in Tahiti while Wilford Brimley roams the sidelines in West Lafayette with his headset and diabeetus testing supplies?

10.  Indiana (10) – No worries Hoosier fans, basketball season starts next month

11.  Iowa (11) – You still suck.  Also, your abortion of an offense gives children nightmares and should be rated “TV-M” as a warning.


One Response to HHV’s Big Ten Power Rankings

  1. NWO says:

    Even basketball season doesn’t look too good for Hoosier fans. Its just going to be an extremely rough athletic year.

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