Purdue Bullet-Points

Yes, we’re going back to bullet-points this week with the postgame anaylsis because let’s be honest: The game was fucking boring for the most part. We went into enemy territory and covered the spread that Vegas posted for us (-13) and Purdue didn’t do jack squat to put a scare in our fan base.

As a result, there isn’t much to say about this game except…

A final homage to Joe Tiller. Ye shall be missed.

There, I said it…Now, on to the rest of the crap that went down this past weekend:


  • Many people posting on the FOS message boards and BSD’s game thread were complaining about conservative playcalling (which has long been a criticism of JoePa and the coaching staff in big road games).  If you ask me though, the playcalling was too “cute” (for lack of better word).  One such “cute” play that stuck out in my mind was early in the game on a 2nd and 1 situation where instead of just pounding Evan Royster straight up the gut and taking advantage of Purdue’s porous D-line, we decided to do an “end-around” pitch to Derrick Williams who subsequently got blown up for no gain.
  • While we’re still on the subject of conservative playcalling:  I will be quite shocked if our coaching staff does not open up the playbook this week at Wisconsin.  These next three games (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State) are going to make or break our Big Ten/BCS title hopes and there should be absolutely no holding back against these opponents.
  • Darryl Clark wasn’t spectacular, but he didn’t have to be.  He made the completions he absolutely needed to and didn’t make any idiotic turnovers.
  • Evan Royster was his usual kick-ass self and could have had more than his 143 yards rushing had it not been for a wet field and bad cleats.  Stephfon Green’s 58 yards on 7 carries also wasn’t too shabby but again, could’ve been better had it not been for the slippage.
  • Speaking of slippage:  Slipping in the red zone probably cost us 2 TDs which instead became 2 field goals.  Under normal field conditions (and better cleats) the final score would be more along the lines of 28-6.
  • While Jordan Norwood isn’t the ‘end all be all’ of our receiving corps, his return to the field can’t come soon enough…Thank goodness Deon Butler stepped up in his place with a clutch 3rd and long grab and staying in-bounds by a pinky toe.


  • Anytime you hold a pass-happy team to 158 yards in the air and force their over-hyped senior QB to get benched in favor of a walk-on rarely-used backup, you’ve done something right.  Come to think of it: This was arguably our best defensive job of the year against a semi-legit opponent
  • Josh Hull – Time to give the kid props where it’s due:  He was the leader in tackles this week (11, 2 for losses).  Let’s hope this isn’t an aberration but rather a turning point in his career, because the latter situation couldn’t come at a better time than now with our daunting 3-game stretch upon us.
  • Drew Astorino – The kid is a star in the making:  He notched his 2nd INT of the year in what turned out to be the game’s only turnover.  At least one of the safety spots is in good hands for the next couple of years
  • Forget Mo Evans, how about we start talking about Aaron Maybin’s NFL stock?  He’s arguably been our most consistent pass rusher week in and week out.


  • Aside from Kevin Kelly’s 2 field goals, nothing to write home about.  At least the kick coverage unit continues to not allow big returns.

2 Responses to Purdue Bullet-Points

  1. bolierdowd says:

    Elliott is not and was never a walk-on.

  2. My bad, for some reason I thought I remembered the ESPN crew doing the game saying that Elliott was a former walk-on. Apparently I was just hearing things.

    Thanks for the correction.

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