HHV’s Big Ten Power Rankings

You know what they say: Better late than never.  As expected, there’s been some shifting near the top and a huge shakeup in the bottom half thanks to Michigan’s incredible rally/Wisconsin’s choking on horse spunk.

1. Ohio State (1) – Now that Beanie Wells is back and ready to average the 300 yards per game he needs to reclaim pole position in the Heisman Trophy race, the Buckeyes look a lot more in-sync offensively.  We’ll also see what their greatest QB recruit in school history (Terrelle Pryor) is made of when he embarks on the road for the first time in his young career at one of the most hostile of night game environments up in Madison.

2. Penn State (3) – Despite encountering a few land mines last weekend, the Jaybama Spread HD tank continues to run over the feeble opposition that dare to step in its way.

Resistance is futile.

Resistance is futile.

3. Wisconsin (3) – Shades of 2007 PSU were visible in their choke-job against Michigan last week as the Badgers turned 5 Wolverine turnovers into a whopping 4 field goals.

Then again, Allan Evridge didn’t throw interceptions on 3 of those 5 opportunities so maybe the Badgers should get some credit there…

4. Michigan State (4) – Brian Hoyer provided some quality air support last week at Indiana (14/26, 261 yards and 2 TDs) to go along with the daunting ground attack of Javon Ringer and Javon Ringer.  The Spartans needed it as well b/c Indiana’s offense gave the Spartan’s D fits at times.  Don’t expect the same thing to happen though this week against a shit-tastic Iowa offense.

5. Illinois (5) – Memo to Juice Williams:  There’s no real-life version of the “Y button” (or “Triangle button” for you PS3 users) when throwing to Arrelious Benn in double and triple coverage.  Also, you might want to consider giving more carries to your buddy Daniel Dufrene instead of keeping most of them for yourself.

6. Michigan (10) – If they were still producing episodes of Rescue 911 then a re-enactment of Dick Rod’s second half resuscitation of his team against Wisconsin would be in high order.  Now, they’ll find out against Illinois this weekend whether they’ve turned the corner earlier than expected.

7. Northwestern (8) – Wild Kitties are somehow #1 in the Big Ten standings.  Not sure how that works, but they have this weekend off so if PSU wins like they should at Purdue then there will be a de-thronement happening.

8. Minnesota (7) – Predictably got handled by Ohio State, nothing else to say for now…

9. Purdue (6) – Getting torched by “Sunshine” (aka Jimmy Clausen) is never a good sign for your defense.  Have fun with a team that can both run and pass this weekend, fellas…

10. Indiana (11) – Played tough with Michigan State and if it weren’t for a foolish hold in the end zone, would’ve had a momentum-shifting 97 yard TD pass that could’ve started them out 1-0 in Big Ten play.  But hey, at least they’re not…

11. Iowa (9) = teh suck.  Granted, the team was pretty crappy to begin with, but to blow a 17-3 lead at home against a Northwestern team that hadn’t played anybody good?  Well, that gets you a firmly entrenched spot in the basement of my power rankings.

Kirk Ferentz might want to hold off on that secret NCAA 2010 cover deal

Kirk Ferentz might want to hold off on that secret NCAA 2010 cover deal


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