Blue White-Roundtable is Ready to “Boiler Up”

So, for the tenth week in a row: Zombie Nation has put together the roundtable questions.  I think it’s only right that we recognize the man’s dedication and sacrifice towards making sure we have something new to bullshit about each week, so here’s to a Real American Hero…

Where no roundtable is left behind.

Zombie Nation: Where no roundtable is left behind.

As always, here’s the rest of the free-loading respondents:

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Name one unit-to-unit match up Penn State must win Saturday. How does PSU win that battle?

The defensive line/linebackers vs. Purdue’s backfield of Kory Sheets and Kory Sheets.  Look, Matt Painter will get his lion’s share of passing yards against us and probably a TD or two to go with it, but it won’t be enough for the upset unless the Boilermakers can establish a solid running game with Sheets…and also pray to Sarah Palin that PSU shoots itself in the foot with 10 turnovers.

This trip to Purdue is setting up to be a classic trap game. Do you agree? Why or why not?

I don’t think PSU will get caught looking ahead to Wisconsin next week, being that this Saturday’s game will be their first true road game (Syracuse and it’s “I don’t give a shit” fan base and empty, hollow, dome doesn’t count).

My greater concern is simply the fact that we’re notorious for getting off to slow starts in 12 PM road contests.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Purdue were to draw first blood and make it a game for a half before PSU finally wakes up and puts them away.

Purdue will be doing a “Black Out” this week. Putting aside that it’s going to raise money for charity (each shirt sold sends money to United Way), what are your feelings on other schools organizing “[insert color here] Outs?”

Let’s put it this way:  PSU is the Cadbury Bunny of “(Insert Color Here) Outs.”

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Here’s a visualization for you:

*Lightning Round*
-Royster over 100 yards?

Better question would be: Royster over 200 yards? It’ll be damn close…

-Curtis Painter throws first TD ever vs. PSU?

How Painter failed to throw for a TD pass against our shitty secondary last season still baffles my mind…I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt though and say that he throws not one but TWO TD passes this weekend.

-Pat Devlin gets meaningful playing time?

Highly unlikely, especially after seeing Darryl Clark come back in the middle of the game-clinching drive against Illinois last weekend when he supposedly fucked up his knee made of steel.  People like to talk about how tough MSU’s Javon Ringer is with his 100+ carries per game but I’d rank Clark’s toughness right up there: The kid will do absolutely ANYTHING for the team so long as it doesn’t involve standing on the sidelines.


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