Blue-White Roundtable is Procrastinating Heavily

Initially, I was going to take a week off from the Blue-White Roundtable but ultimately caved in.  Thanks to Galen at The Nittany Line for this week’s questions.

And as always, the Rat Pack of PSU Bloggers have their take on things:
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*warning – painfully obvious question alert* Penn State gets its first ‘real’ test this weekend facing a ranked opponent when the Fighting [None-Offensive-Mascot]s come to town. Gaze into your crystal ball and give us a short description on how Saturday night’s events will unfold. Or if you’re lazy just fire up NCAA 2009 and tell us what the Xbox thinks.

I think PSU draws first blood with a touchdown on its opening drive, if Illinois gets the ball first, I think our defense forces a three-and-out to start the game off on the right foot.  However, the Illini will settle and make adjustments and make sure that the defecit doesn’t get too far out of hand.  In the end though, I just see too much Evan Royster/Stephfon Green/Daryll Clark/The receiving corps/O-line for Illinois’ defense to handle and their own potent offensive attack won’t quite be enough to keep pace with us.

Saturday’s game is on the big stage at 8:00 with most of the football world watching. It’s a white out and Penn State is favored by two scores (as of Monday). Is this a lose-lose situation (the only way they could look good is by winning big) for Penn State or golden opportunity to show the world what the Spread HD is all about?

I see it as an opportunity to show off the Spread HD to a national viewing audience in primetime and to pull out a victory over a Top 25 team and shut up the dissenters who claim that PSU hasn’t “played anybody.”  Which leads me to this momentary digression:  Congrats Oregon State on helping out our strength of schedule and putting an end to ESPN’s USC lovefest in the month of September.

Now that all the fluff questions are out of the way do Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma get significant playing time?

I don’t see Evans and Koroma starting, but you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they’re not going to see some significant and important game action.  We were desperate for depth on the D-line during their suspensions and we sure as hell aren’t going to deliberately play shorthanded in such an important contest.

*Lightning Round*

Back in 2007, Illinois Basketball fans made my skull crack open in rage slightly angered me when they befouled the statue of Joe Paterno. Do you hate the Illini like me or not so much?

I unfortunately, happened to attend that game.  It seemed the moment I turned away from talking to my friend and focused my attention on the court, I suddenly saw a sea of orange behind one of the baskets.

While it was embarassing beyond epic proprotions (this game was being televised on ESPN, mind you), I have to give props to Illini fans for fooling the retards in the athletic department into thinking they were a group of branch campus kids who avidly followed PSU basketball (as if those types of people exist in such large numbers).

It’s a night game please quantify the amount of alcohol you will consume before gametime (if you don’t drink please quantify the amount of fatty foods you will eat).

Depends, I already know of one tailgate that’s starting at 9 AM and going ’til the evening so I’ll be stopping by there at some point.  I’m sure more tailgating plans will pop up within the next 12 hours or so.

I’m gonna play it safe and say 6-7 brewskies…
Put it on the line – final score:

Penn State 34 – Illinois 24.  I think 15 points is being way too kind to us, but I still think we win by more than a touchdown.


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