For Those Who Don’t Believe In The “Revenge Factor”

The Altoona Mirror’s “Nit’s Notebook” recorded a few good excerpts from Darryl Clark which helped to get a glimpse into his feelings of helplessness standing on the sidelines during last year’s debacle at Illinois while Anthony Morelli continued to throw bone-headed interception after bone-headed interception.

”There were a lot of points left on the field last year that we just didn’t take advantage of,” PSU quarterback Daryll Clark said. ”I felt that we could have put that team away early. We just didn’t execute.”

More precisely, starting quarterback Anthony Morelli didn’t execute. Morelli threw three costly interceptions to kill scoring chances, but the coaching staff stayed with him and never even warmed up Clark.

That loss made a number of people start to wonder why the coaches continued to play Morelli rather than give Clark an opportunity. Clark was asked Saturday about Morelli’s rough game and didn’t mince words.

And in this next line, Clark begins to unleash his frustrations upon his ex-teammate’s mistakes, in what was likely a water-downed version of Clark’s original statement which mentioned suffocating Morelli with a pillow and peeing in JayPa’s Gatorade cooler.

”The guy made a lot of mistakes, costly turnover toward the end of the game, fumble at the goal line, I think,” he said. ”I wanted to play. I wanted to play that game, period. It wasn’t a fact that he’s doing terrible, I need to be in or anything like that. But any time when things are not going right, you feel like, I could have made that play, I could have done this, I could have done that.

”But that was last year. I’ll have that chance this year.”

So, as you can see: Darryl Clark has redemption on his mind and is determined to make sure that lightning doesn’t strike twice for the Fighting Zookers.

Also, If this blog post were being typed by There Is No Name On My Jersey, I would have followed this up with an “I AM SO PUMPED FOR SATURDAY. GO STATE! DISH OUT SOME REVENGE!”


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