Blue and White Roundtable Is Gonna Sing A Song For You…

And Zombie Nation’s gonna show you a thing or two…Along with the other fine PSU Bloggers of course:

There is No Name on My Jersey
Tangled Up in White and Blue
YF Yurasko
Black Shoe Diaries
The Nittany Line
We Want the Lion
Zombie Nation
Nittany Whiteout

For those of you who drew a blank as to why I’m referencing Fat Albert: It’s because I’m paying homage to Temple’s most famous alum, Bill Cosby.  BSD paid a nice tribute to the man and his alma mater earlier this week, in a preview that would’ve trumped any “Better Know An Opponent” segment I would’ve come up with.

But anyway, I know why you’re really reading this post so let’s get to the questions, shall we?

1. Penn State has the best scoring offense (55.3 ppg) in the Big Ten, and top-five nationally. Of course, this has been against two bad teams and a mediocre Oregon State squad. This week’s Temple game should be another 40-plus game for the PSU offense. That being said, do you think this has been a fluke so far? Or is the Spread HD for real?

Well, for starters: There’s nothing “flukey” about putting up the types of offensive stats mentioned above, I don’t give a damn how piss-poor the teams are.  However, it’s still premature to say the Spread HD is “for real.”  I want to see how it holds up against Big Ten opponents, particularly in road games against ranked opponents.

My biggest concern with Spread HD is whether we unleash it to its fullest in the road games at Wisconsin and Ohio State.  JoePa has been notrious in the past for getting way too conservative with the play-calling in such contests and it’s cost him dearly.

2. If Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma are convicted, what are the chances Joe Paterno will play either by the Illinois game? What message does it send to the team, and the nation, if both players are given light punishments? Conversely, what if the punishments are seemingly too severe, like dismissal?

I’m still sticking to my guns:  Evans and Koroma WILL suit up for Illinois and they WILL play but only in limited action.  ESPN and the rest of the liberal media can blow me…We’re talking about two kids who’ve been charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana and are first-time offenders.

3. Leadership has been a huge part of this year’s team’s ability to move past distractions. Who has to really step up this week and keep this team focused? How does the coaching staff figure into this, or should they just let the players handle it by themselves?

It’s all up the players to keep the team focused.  The coaches can yell ’til they’re blue in the face but it won’t mean a damn thing unless the team captains invoke some leadership on and off the field.  So far, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in such leadership, despite the adversity we’ve faced off the field and Anthony Scriotto only helped by ripping into his teammates last week.

Rest assured, there will be no repeat of the leadership-less 2007 season.  Not by a longshot…

Lightning Round

Penn State throws its first interception this week? Only if Al Golden ran the “Rocky steps” enough times this week to bring his team some luck.

Evan Royster’s YPC vs. Temple? Eleventy-Billion.  I know, it’s not an actual number..yet.

Coke or Pepsi? I don’t know, but feel free to put on the “lawyer pants” and walk down that path if you don’t mind brain hemmorages.


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