Quick Thoughts On Marijuana-Gate

I figured I’d better comment on this, lest I be ignoring that “giant octopus at the dinner table.”

I’m glad that there’s finally been some closure in the drama involving Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma’s situations and that the charges were merely simple possession of a small amount of marijuana.  Some people on the message boards however, have been in meltdown over this development, citing that Judicial Affairs is really going to lay the hammer down on Mo and Abe with an explusion of sorts.

Folks, I may not be right on a lot of things but this much I can ASSURE you:  For the amount of pot the guys were charged with possessing and with this incident being their first offense ever, the worst thing that will happen is they get a couple semester’s worth of “disciplinary probation” along with the mandatory drug education classes.

The bigger concern should be: How much longer does JoePa hold them out?  Will they at least be dressed and seeing some action on the field come the Illinois game?  Will Joe wait until October sometime?  Surely, he’s not going to suspend them for the rest of the year given the lightness of the charges but at this point, who knows how many games Mo and Abe will be suspended for before Joe feels that they’ve suffered enough?

For everybody who has any affiliation with Penn State or its football program’s sake:  Let’s hope THIS is the end of the line with the legal problems that have plagued this program over the past 18 months…


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