BTB Roundtable (Week 4)

Well, I finally found time to post again and after a one week-hiatus I’ve decided to hop back on the Big Ten Blogger Roundtable bandwagon.

Northwestern’s “Lone Ranger” of the blogosphere, Lake The Posts has this week’s questions:

Helping the BTB community, one roundtable at a time.

Lake The Posts: Helping the BTB community, one roundtable at a time.

1)The national media is using the Big Ten Conference as a punching bag in 2008 ranking us somewhere between the Big East and the MAC.  Based on Ohio State’s no-show, Purdue’s “APPLE!!!” and Michigan’s debacle, it is redemption week in Big Ten Country.  However, several teams have very respectable, yet no-name teams (ie. Troy, Central Michigan, Ball State). Tell us how the Big Ten will respond this week in the final week before
conference play.

Ohio State will take their anger out on Troy but they won’t beat the 21.5 point spread without a healthy Beanie Wells, Purdue knows from its Motor City Bowl appearance last winter that Central Mich is no pushover and will be ready for them, and only the geekiest of college football geeks (which may or may not include myself) know how potent Ball State’s offense is and would tell you that Indiana will be in for a dogfight this weekend against Ball State.

I would tell you who else I like amongst the Big Ten teams in action, but I’ll save that for my Friday Pick ‘Em post.

2)The conference standings look like someone took the 2007 results and flipped it upside down. Which of the undefeated teams are contenders and which are pretenders (another way of saying which teams have put lipstick on a pig)? Recalibrate your preseason rankings and tell us who the conference favorites are now.

Ohio State is still the favorite until further notice (i.e. dropping more than one Big Ten game or losing at home to Penn State).  Wisconsin and Penn State though are breathing right down the Buckeyes’ neck and collectively make up the undisputed top three in the Big Ten right now.  I’d put Wisconsin ahead of PSU right now for the sole reason that the Badgers survived a cross-country road trip at Top 25 Fresno State.

As for the “Sarah Palins” of the conference: Look no further than Northwestern and Minnesota.  Granted, Northwestern hasn’t played any FCS teams like Minny has (hello, Montana State?), but Syracuse may very well be an FCS team the way they’ve played like putrid ass thus far.  Come to think of it, we’ll get a clear indication of just how FCS the ‘Cuse truly are when they host Northeastern this weekend.

3)Javon Ringer has emerged as the early season best-bet Heisman hopeful from the Big Ten. Real deal or non-conference smoke screen? Does anyone from the Big Ten have a prayer for the Heisman, or is it too late?

With all due respect to Ringer, he needs to lead his team to some victories against legit opponents.  Michigan State doesn’t have to win the Big Ten but Ringer needs to come up huge against the current “Top 3” in the Big Ten that I previously mentioned.  It’s also imperative that Ringer lights up a Michigan team that’s in a “kick ‘em while they’re down” state.  Otherwise, all bets are off.

As for Beanie: The longer he sits out, the dimmer his Heisman hopes get.  Whenever he does come back, he’s going to have to average around 200 yards a game on the ground the rest of the season in order to even get an invite from the Downtown Athletic Club.

4)After three weeks it is time to give your team a new slogan. What is it and why is it what it is?

Penn State: Where Every Game is in HD…After all, we’re not the NFL.

Seriously, that’s the best I can come up with.

5)By now, you’ve likely adopted a favorite non Big Ten team to watch. Flex your football worldliness by convincing your fellow Big Ten kool-aid drinkers to watch your “other” team.

Well, it pains me to admit it but…USC football makes for good TV viewing.  The defense is tenacious and their QB, Mark Sanchez is following in the footsteps of Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer with his brilliantly accurate passing game, which brings me to my next point: Not only are the Trojan Men talent-rich but they also seem to execute with near perfection.

Oh yeah, and Rey Maualuga should be given a chance to pull a Charles Woodson and get an invite to the Heisman Trophy ceremony.  There, I said it…


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