Big Ten Blogger Pick ‘Em (Week 3)

The red circle on this crappy screenshot of the Daily Gopher website indicates that I’m currently tied for the lead after 2 weeks in the BTB Pick ‘Em contest.  This was made possible thanks to a Big Ten sweep last weekend that I had the ability to foresee.

Now, it’s on to Week 3’s slate of games.  As usual, my pick is highlighted in the school’s colors.

Southern Illinois v Northwestern – One of two FCS teams going up against a Big Ten this week.  The results won’t be any different from the previous ass-whippings the Big Ten has laid upon them so far.

Florida Atlantic v Michigan St. – At least FAU coach Howard Schenellenberger decided to keep his mouth shut this time around, unlike his pre-game smack talk about how “soft” Texas was before the Longhorns smacked FAU around in the season opener…Not that it will matter though because 2008 Michigan State is no 2007 Minnesota.

German for douche with a pipe

Schnellenberger: German for "douche with a pipe"

Montana St. v MinnesotaThe Fighting Brewsters at 3-0?  Believe it, because that will be the case after Saturday night.

Louisiana-Lafayette v Illinois – Leave it to the Big Ten Network to come up with advertisements that actually make this game seem like an epic battle for the ages. We all know better though…

Iowa St. v Iowa – After viewing the hideous personal ads from Iowa St’s football players, I have no choice but to vote for the Hawkeyes by default.

Michigan v Notre Dame – Tune into NBC at 3:30 PM to see Notre Dame Stadium implode due to the sheer amount of particle mass created by Rich Rodriguez and Charlie Weis’ ginormous egos.  It will be equivalent to “crossing the streams” in Ghostbusters except potentially more lethal.

Penn St. v Syracuse – Do you like butt-rape?  Then tune into ABC at 3:30 PM to watch the ‘Cuse take it in the ass Spread HD-style.

Oregon v Purdue – Make no mistake about it: This game will be an offensive fireworks show.  I feel the Ducks though will have just a little bit more in the tank and will ultimately come away victorious.

Ohio St. vs USC – No Beanie, no fucking chance for the Buckeyes…Bring on the garbage that will soon spew from the mouths of ESPN’s talking heads about how the Big Ten is falling on hard times.

Wisconsin v Fresno St. – Not gonna lie, I’m rather nervous about this pick.  This is the same Wisconsin team we’re talking about that struggled to beat a lousy UNLV team on the road last year.  I’m just not sold on Fresno St. yet and won’t be until they can beat a team that’s being tabbed as a serious contender to dethrone Ohio State from the top of its Big Ten perch.


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