Blue-White Roundtable Is a Not-So-Eager Beaver

Unfortunately, I got bogged down in schoolwork and other responsibilities more than I imagined.  As a result, there will be no Better Know An Opponent segment this week and I’m just now getting my roundtable answers up.  My Big Ten Pick ‘Em should be up later today as well.

Anyway, let’s dip into this week’s questions which are brought to you by the one and only Zombie Nation

Also, don’t forget about the “Usual Suspects.”

There is No Name on My Jersey
Tangled Up in White and Blue
Black Shoe Diaries
The Nittany Line
We Want the Lion

William Yurasko

1. Oregon State finished with 404 passing yards last week. Does that worry you at all, considering PSU gave up some quality passing yardage to CCU?

Yes, it does:  Particularly if Oregon State is trying to rally from behind late in the game.  I’ve seen too many instances in the past where our defense gets too relaxed and starts playing a Charmin-soft zone coverage that gets repeatedly torched by opposing QBs and WRs, resulting in a quick TD drive for the bad guys that changes the course of the game for the worse.

2. If there’s one unit in particular that has to play well this week, which one is it? Which unit could disappoint?

The defensive line needs to step up like the Mighty Ducks did when Adam Banks was knocked out halfway through the pee-wee hockey championship game by one of his former Hawks teammates (per instructions of his deadbeat, win-at-all-costs coach).  It’s a shame we don’t play Syracuse this week because I am scared to death now that our depleted defensive line will be forced to play tired and may have even more trouble getting to the QB and/or stopping the run.

As for the second part to this question: It wouldn’t surprise me to see the secondary continue to suck this week and I’m pretty confident the offense will still put up a lot of yardage and points, so I’m going to say that the D-line will disappoint the most.

3. OK, elephant in the room. How big will the “5204” story get? If two of the players originally suspected of being there (*cough–thanks Collegian–cough-cough) weren’t actually there at the time, how much of this has already been blown out of proportion? Does this effect Saturday’s game?

It sounds like it’s going to die down quickly enough.  There were rumors running rampant yesterday on PSU’s board that Evans, Koroma, and Quarless all took a drug test and passed.  If we give the benefit of the doubt to these rumors, then it appears JoePa’s suspension is sending out a message to these kids that merely being in the same room where somebody else is doing “shady activity” will not be tolerated.

As stated before, this will have a ginormous effect on Saturday’s game in the sense that our D-line is severely depleted.  At this point, I’m pinning my hopes on our offense simply outscoring Oregon State in what will likely resemble a typical Pac-10 conference game.

*Lightning Round*

How many passes will Pat Devlin attempt?


How many times will Daryll Clark run the ball?


What will this week’s Game Day Pins say? You know, the ones Citizens Bank gives out.

Today’s Dining Commons Special: Creamed Beaver. *snicker*

BONUS QUESTION (Courtesy of Yours Truly): Give us a score prediction for Saturday’s game.

Penn State 38- Oregon State 31.

The game will resemble something straight out of John Elway’s Quarterback, the classic Arcade/Nintendo game in which defense was practically impossible to play because it was way too easy for wideouts to get behind the defense and pick up easy TDs.  If you committed just one turnover on offense, you were pretty much screwed because getting an interception in this game took a decent amount of luck.

As for how any of this shit relates to the upcoming game: I simply see the Beavers making just a couple more mistakes than we do, which will make all the difference this Saturday.

An 8-bit preview of a potential highlight from Oregon State.


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