Marijuana-Gate Update

Well, it appears new light has been shed regarding a police search of the apartment belonging to AJ Wallace, Maurice Evans, Abe Koroma, and *GASP* Andrew Quarless:

A “small amount” of marijuana was found in apartment 5204 after police responded last night to a report of loud music, Penn State Police Lt. Bill Moerschbacher said this morning.

Drug law charges will be filed soon, Moerschbacher said, adding police could not specifically say who might be charged in connection with the incident. He said police are still investigating to determine who had possession of the marijuana.

So, in retrospect, it doesn’t look as if the charges are going to be as serious as once thought. Nonetheless, I still envision some multi-game suspensions and if Quarless was responsible for this, perhaps even a dismissal from the program. Let’s just hope the suspensions don’t linger through the Illinois game…


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