Blue-White Roundtable: Season Kickoff Edition

The long, less-agonizing-than-usual wait is over (thank you, Olympics!):  College football has arrived!  This also signals the return of weekly roundtables; most notably the Blue-White Roundtable.  William Yurasko has stepped up to the plate to provide this week’s questions, which were also answered by the following folks:

There Is No Name On My Jersey
Tangled Up In White and Blue
The Nittany Notebook
Nittany Whiteout

Black Shoe Diaries

What are you optimistic about this season (Anthony Morelli running out of eligibility does not count)?

The offensive line:  They will open up goatse-sized holes, allowing Evan Royster and Stephfon Green to rack up yards like playing against the computer on the “Junior Varsity” setting in NCAA 09.  Furthermore, they will give ample time for Daryll Clark/Pat Devlin to find an open receiver (or in Clark’s case say “screw this” and take off running).

On a side note: I’m a little saddened that we no longer can use the term Rodan Kinster to describe our backfield.  Therefore, I’m taking the charge this year in naming our new backfield monster.

I present to you:  Stepfhvan Roygreen! We even managed to snag an unauthorized video of this monster in action for your viewing pleasure…

Resistance is futile.

What are you pessimistic about this season?

The secondary – They completely shit the bed towards the latter half of the 2007 season.  I lost track how many times opposing receivers were open by at least 5-10 yards, most notably in the Ohio State and Michigan State games.  Mark Rubin was an absolute liability at safety and Justin King proved to be vastly overrated in coverage and in tackling last year, allegedly due to ‘shoulder problems.’

Hopefully, the cornerbacking will be improved with A.J. Wallace starting and Tony Davis going back to his original position.  Anthony Scriotto I feel will return to his 2006 form now that Apartment-Gate is dead and buried.  Until the secondary puts up a quality performance though against a decent opponent, they will continue to scare the crap out of me.

Who is the most important player on either side of the ball?

Maurice Evans – With Sean Lee out, the pressure has increased on him to carry the load with regards to the pass rush.  He’ll either need to help blow up plays before they occur, or demand enough respect that he’s double-teamed, which leaves somebody else free to wreak havoc in the opposing backfield.  So long as he stays healthy, my money is on him delivering the goods.

*Lightning Round*

How many games are you going to this season?

Every home game – I’m back in State College for the time being and have been fortunate enough to have a dad who’s held season tickets since 1994…Ohh, is that jealousy I sense in you?  Yesss, drown me in the sweet water of your envy!

Do you have the Big Ten Network?

Yessir.  It’s about effin’ time as well.

Where is Coastal Carolina located?

Already answered this one

What record will Penn State have on January 9?

10-3.  I’ve pretty much marked down Wisconsin and Ohio State as losses, and we always seem to slip up on the road at least once against an opponent we should beat in Big Ten play.

Yes, I am going out on a limb and saying we completely hold serve at Beaver Stadium this year which means getting revenge on the Fighting Zookers in primetime and beating Michigan for the first time since this year’s incoming freshmen were busy eating paste in Kindergarten.


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