Herbie Still Loves Us

No, not that Herbie..I’m talking of course about Kirk Herbstreit; The College Gameday heartthrob has recently released his annual “Herbie Awards” and needless to say, he’s still ecstatic about a particular student section:

1. Penn State — If you haven’t been to Happy Valley in the fall, you’re missing out on one of the great happenings in all of sports. Quite simply the loudest, most supportive student section in college football.

Herbie also gave major props to AJ Wallace (best kick returners), Tom Bradley (best defensive coordinators), and even went so far as to name us a sleeper to win the Big Ten title (along with Michigan State). This only lends further credence to the long conceived notion that Herbie is a “closet Penn State fan.”

There was however, one omission by Herbie that dearly bothered me…The Diner failed to make his “Favorite Restaurants” list.  This is highly disappointing considering College Gameday has been to State College twice since 2005.

Will somebody PLEASE get this man a grilled stickie?

Will somebody PLEASE get this man a 'grilled stickie?'


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