Happy Birthday To Me.

My, how quickly a year flies by…Seems like yesterday I was a confused young man making his initial foray into the blogosphere. When I look back upon it, it’s kinda embarrassing to see some of my initial posts, as I tended to narrate too much and state some obvious shit with regards to PSU football that even the casual college football fan would know. Not only that, but I was also walking a very thin line towards being just another Bill Simmons wannabe when I decided to throw out a “Karate Kid” reference to Appalachian State’s victory over Michigan.

I suppose it’s part of the learning process though and I finally feel like I’ve finally discovered my own style and am running with it. I initially started this blog because I simply wanted to offer my two cents on college football (with a Penn State twist of course); anything else that came with it was icing on the cake to me. I still can’t help but feel a tad shocked when somebody I know mentions my blog to me in person because I only know how many views my sites gets per day, not who actually visits it.

So with that being said, I would like to thank everyone who has visited this site, came back for seconds, or even went so far as to leave me a comment within the past year; your feedback is highly appreciated and I look forward to hopefully another year of good times.


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