Happy BTN Day!

Sometime while I was sleeping last night, my local Comcast activated the Big Ten Network (Channel 55 for those of you in the State College area). Needless to say though, the channel has a slightly annoying static sound despite having a quality picture and the feature program right now is “Northwestern’s Year In Review.”

Oh well, at least there’s some quality entertainment at 4 AM on Saturday and 4 PM on Tuesday

Not that I really care at this point since the Olympics have been the only thing I’ve been following lately; a lot more fun than blogging about the same old, re-hashed “Who will be the starting QB” or “Who will step up on defense in Sean Lee’s absence?” topics. It’s also another reason why I’ve been seriously slacking lately with the relevant posts. I honestly don’t give a shit anymore and my enthusiasm won’t be renewed until we actually start playing the games on the field as opposed to on the blogs.

In the meantime, with the one-year anniversary of this blog swiftly approaching, I’m considering making some drastic changes to this site (HINT: being the master of my own domain). Time will tell if I actually decide to pump out the money to do this.

Also, I strongly encourage you to check out the latest Minnesota blog: The Daily Gopher. It combines the powers of Gopher Nation and Paging Jim Shikenjanski (spelling?) to form a Captain Planet-esque site that should be right up there with Black Heart Gold Pants and Black Shoe Diaries


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