Can We Also Blame This On JayPa?

In a move that I applaud for its originality; IGN, a popular video gaming/entertainment website, recently published an article detailing the top 10 worst QB’s in the history of the Madden gaming series. Unfortunately, one of our own had the dubious distinction of holding the #1 spot on this list

We chose Wally Richardson for this job because he managed to stay in Madden for four years, getting worse each time, despite any evidence that he was a NFL quarterback with any hope of getting into a game. Richardson was most well-known for his time as a starter at Penn State, but in 1997, the Ravens drafted him in the seventh round. He didn’t play in his rookie year, but in his second season, he got in and threw two passes. One was complete. It gained a yard.

You might want to avert your eyes if youve just finished a hearty meal.

You might want to avert your eyes if you've just finished a hearty meal.

To be fair though, Wally actually regressed dramatically between his first and second year as a starter, going from a 57.6% completion percentage on 18 TDs/6 INTs in ’95to 51.9% and more Interceptions [8] than TDs (7) in ’96. Thus, I’m actually a tad shocked he was even drafted and wasn’t forced to trying to walk on as a free agent somewhere.

Sadly, Jay Paterno was not the QB coach during Wally’s years as a starter so we lack an easy “blame target” on this one. Perhaps the older heads who had a semi-constant internet connection and were using the 1996 equivalent of FOS can provide some clues as to why Wally had such a terrible second season? 12-year-olds didn’t exactly go to the edges of the Earth to get such answers back then…I’m looking in your direction, Black Shoe Diaries

(Stats Courtesy of: The Nittany Anthology)


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