Jan Jagla Is Living The Dream

<sarcasm> During his collegiate basketball playing days, he was a 7-foot tall crowd favorite who could be seen on any random weekend out at the bars with his pinstripe suit, nursing a gin and tonic while clutching several ladies under each arm with his gigantic wingspan.

His still image could be seen almost anywhere you set foot around Happy Valley: whether it was on posters, billboards, bookstores, or even adorning a children’s growth chart (because kids should always be aiming high in life).

Suffice it to say, the man had a “cult figure” status that was only further enhanced when he skipped his senior year to play professionally in Europe, never to be seen again.

Now, several years after leaving PSU fans with plenty of memorable moments with his tenacious Euro-style playing ability that consisted of dominating the post along with taking smart and well-advised three point shots,</sarcasm> Jagla will be representing Deutschland (that’s “Germany” for those of you who don’t sprechen zie Deutsch) in the upcoming Olympics Games.



<sarcasm>Jagla will finally be united with Dirk Nowitzki, the player he was so appropriately compared to by insightful play-by-play announcers during his playing days at PSU and it really baffles me how much sports writers are sleeping on this German squad. Sure, they’ve got to go up against Spain, Greece, and the USA in their group, but with this unsung hero backing Nowitzki up, the sky’s the limit for the Germans. </sarcasm>


One Response to Jan Jagla Is Living The Dream

  1. Tim Dooris says:

    Hilarious. The “next-Dirk-Nowitzki” will almost certainly ensure Germany a medal. Keep up the good work.

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