“Goodbye and Good Riddance” (Baker and Taylor Dismissed)

Unless you’ve been busy constructing an eco-village for the past 24 hours, you’ve heard by now about JoePa’s dismissals of the troubled DT’s Chris Baker and Phil Taylor. As RUTS has mentioned over at Black Shoe Diaries, it’s going to be extremely difficult to spin this as something other than a gut-reaction to the scathing ESPN propaganda segment, even if Baker and Taylor had recently stepped out of line again and JoePa said “enough is enough.”

As usual, the FOS message boards are filled with the typical “the sky is falling” posts which I don’t get at all. No doubt that losing Baker sucks, he certainly drew a lot of attention from opposing offensive lines and was a beast on the field but I honestly won’t be shedding a tear over Phil Taylor; when Taylor wasn’t busy getting into legal trouble or failing to make the grade, he was constantly battling weight problems and never seemed to make much of an impact on the field.

Plus, if there’s ANY position at which we can suffer a couple losses like this and hardly notice it on the field, it’s on the defensive line. With people like Jared Odrick, Ollie Ogbu, Devon Still, Abe Koroma, and Chima Okoli still intact at the DT spots let’s just say that I won’t be losing much sleep over this…


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