Inside The “Outside The Lines” Segment

Well, just about everybody has pitched in their two cents on the “Outside The Lines” segment that tried its damndest to paint Penn State as a school suddenly lowering its character standards regarding recruiting and allowing thugs to run hog-wild all over Happy Valley.

Being that I was taught to always acknowledge that “giant octopus at the dinner table,” here is my own take on the segment, complete with half-assed commentary.

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14:40 – Cue in the chilling, first-person camera shot that attempts to put you in the shoes of those who broke open the door. The drunken stumbling effects are a nice touch as well. Just need to make the camera entirely red to simulate what the players were envisioning upon entering the apartment.

14:12-13:35 – A gripping re-enactment from those who were actually there during the fight. We’re talking “America’s Most Wanted” survivor-story quality here.

13:00 – Cue in first shot of reporter and JoePa, mano-a-mano. First “witch hunt” accusation from JoePa is hurled at said reporter.

12:22 – Our first glimpse at statistics which never lie and were not slanted in any sort of way to accomplish the goals of the segment.

12:00-11:00 – Begin biased parade of skeptic-only interviews, while showing clips from the “better days” of PSU football; when the players were model student-athletes who worked hard on and off the field, helped little old ladies cross the street, rescued cats from trees, and were in bed by midnight.

10:40 – Cue in ugly reminders of the “dark years” along with the accusations of PSU lowereing its character standards regarding recruits

9:45 – Cue in some fat guy on a couch who spouts his expertise on the inner psychology of collegiate football players

8:45 – Cue in old, retired guy who has a bone to pick.

7:25 – And now, the conclusion of the re-enactment/storytelling segment

6:35-5:50 – Survivors of that fateful night show off their battle scars. Naive young man is surprised that the accused players weren’t immediately thrown off the team despite never being convicted of anything.

5:10 – JoePa delivers another right “witch hunt” hook to reporter’s jaw.

5:00-4:30 – Cue in the “slap on the wrist” floats from the skeptic parade

4:00 – And behind the “slap on the wrist” float is the “athletes get off easy” float…Gee, who would’ve thought?

3:40-3:30 – Old, retired guy is back with more conspiracy theories; JoePa continues to fire away at reporter like Sonny Corleone at the toll both.

The last 3:00 – JoePa’s attempt at teaching a lesson to his players with mandatory stadium cleanups; more “slap on the wrist” accusations followed by more statistics that weren’t skewed in any sort of way to make PSU look like a thug program.

The segment was followed up by OTL host Bob Ley interviewing a couple of loud-mouthed morons from Philadelphia newspapers offering their two cents on PSU’s legal troubles (as if they know a damn thing about PSU football).

Stephen A. Smith was included amongst these said morons; lambasting JoePa for showing complete ignorance and lack of institutional control and calling for his immediate dismissal. Stephen A. then went on to praise the quality character of today’s NBA stars who do far worse things than drink and fight…

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