Major Signage

Well, not quite, but Beaver Stadium will be sporting a new signage board alongside the upper decks. The Jordan Center will be getting implants as well for the upcoming basketball season.

Yeah, it’ll be THAT attractive

“We are excited to partner with Penn State to provide one of the premier event experiences in collegiate sports,” said Jerry Cifarelli, president and chief executive officer of ANC Sports Enterprises. “The new signage system will change the game day atmosphere with dynamic player graphics, 3D images and the same statistical summaries found on television.”

I have to give a “thumbs up” for the statistical summaries part, no longer will I have to wait at the mercy of the giant scoreboard to find out just how many yards a running back has earned or how what our QB’s pass-completion rate is. It sounds as if this new signage (quickly becoming my new favorite word) should give us more up-to-the-minute info on such things.

The new signage will synchronize with various live sports feeds to distribute real-time information to the displays. The new system also can handle out-of-town scores, in-game team summaries, up-to-the-minute player statistics and many other stats. ANC won’t have long to wait how people like the new steup. The first of seven Nittany Lion home football games will be played August 30.

I understand the need to upgrade the technology in stadiums. However, this will likely spell the demise of the P.A. announcer reading off the scores from other games, which makes me kind of sad. One of the more underrated joys of being at PSU home games was hearing the cheers from the crowd when it was announced that Notre Dame/Ohio St./Michigan/Any of the Florida schools were losing.

Of course, I won’t be able to give a complete assessment on this new look to the Beav until the home opener a month from now but overall, it seems promising (Minus the “scores from other games” part).


3 Responses to Major Signage

  1. Mike @ ZN says:

    I, too, am pissed about the demise of the PA announcements. Jean did a great job. Too bad PSU is spending this kind of money on flashy crap like this.

  2. Writing this post reminded me of every Bill Simmons column I’ve read where he’s chastised jumbotrons and reminisced about the good ol’ days when all you had was the scoreboard to keep track of the score and the fans would actually come up with chants and wouldn’t rely on piped-in music from a DJ.

  3. Mike @ ZN says:

    …and we didn’t have these “helmets”… and broken legs were taped up and you were sent back out there… QUIT CRYIN’ SON!

    Yeah, I love tradition, too…

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