Only In Central PA…

Being that there’s nothing really noteworthy regarding off-season talk, I figured I’d provide you with a couple amusing articles I dug up from my local and college newspapers.

First, some poor sap got pulled over for a DUI the other day…On a riding lawnmower.

State police at Clearfield were called to a report of an intoxicated man riding a lawnmower on state Route 53 between Osceola Mills and Houtzdale about 6:30 p.m. Police said they found William Edward Krause, 45, of Ramey, riding his Craftsman II 14 HP lawnmower on Sterling Road in Woodward Township, Clearfield County. He was under the influence of alcohol, police said.

The video below probably gives you a good visual description of how everything might’ve played out.

Also, the top story in yesterday’s Daily Collegian involved one State College resident having a very shitty time (literally).

I have to give props to the reporter for a giving a rather detailed account of what happened:

John O’Brien began his day yesterday with his pants around his ankles, scrambling for cover as a fountain of sewer water and waste erupted into his bathroom.
“I was doing my business, sitting on my toilet, and the toilet blew sewer water into my butt,” he said.

The unlucky resident also offered some words of wisdom that makes us men all want to say “Right on, brother!”

The State College resident started his day the way he always does. He woke up, drank a cup of coffee, grabbed a book and relaxed on his porcelain throne — “The toilet is where a man does his best thinking,” O’Brien said.

I myself, have come up with quite a few ideas for this blog while dropping the Cosby Kids off at the pool. Though I’ve never actually attempted to simultaneously write a blog post and handle my business at the same time.

If it’s as cool though as the dude above makes it seem, I’ll have to give it a shot…


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