Lazy Monday

Nothing too thrilling to report on the PSU/college football front: We did pick up our 15th verbal in Christian Kuntz a wideout whom we had to beat out the likes of powerhouses such as Akron, Buffalo, and UConn to get. <sarcasm>I guess we can finally sleep easier knowing that we’ve landed that game-breaking receiver we’ve been so desperately searching for these past couple of recruiting classes</sarcasm>.

In more enlightening news: After a failed in attempt in Florida, it appears that Christians in South Carolina will finally be able to shed decade upon decade of persecution and free speech violations by being able to profess their faith on license plates.  The plates are apparently going to be based on the proposed Florida models that were ultimately rejected.  The Lietuenant Governor is paying $4,000 out of his own pockets to help the DMV produce the plates while Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. will have to shell out $4k of their own and will also not be allowed to have any writing on the plates. Yup, no government establishment of religion here, move along now folks…

Anyone want to bet this is NOT what Tim Tebow’s ideal license plate looks like?

Last but not least, does anyone find it sad that the entire fucking audience is laughing at these Starcraft jokes? This would be the equivalent of some dude making Halo 3 or GTA IV jokes in the U.S. and having the entire audience roaring with laughter.


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