Going Pro Early…In Volleyball?

Well, it appears that foregoing your remaining years of collegiate sporting eligibility for the money, luxury car, and that “MTV Cribs”-like mansion is no longer limited to just football and basketball players as Matt Anderson, a 6’10” giant who played a crtical role this past year on PSU’s men’s volleyball national title run, is ditching his senior season to play professionally in Korea.

Apparently, Matt’s already kind of a big deal over there according to what he’s told the Collegian:

“We were treated like royalty there, like rock stars,” Anderson said. “They had great accommodations, they set out a kitchen and cooked for us.”

Despite his David Beckham-like status however, Matt will still be hard-pressed to make volleyball as popular as Korea’s favorite past-time: Starcraft.

Best of luck, Matt… ^_^ keke


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