Postcards From HHV

The picture above summarizes what I’ve has been up to for nearly the past week: Hanging out with my close friend in Southern California while soaking in the sunshine and sea breeze. This particular shot was taken on the Santa Monica pier.

Santa Monica’s pier wasn’t too different from your average pier/boardwalk, it featured the typical mini-amusement park, funnel cake stands, cheap t-shirt places, and restaurants. However, I did make quite the harrowing discovery that may shock all of you long-time State College residents/older PSU alums.

Behold! Playland’s new home, after moving out of the State College area five years ago. It didn’t dawn upon me at the time to take pictures but I certainly wish I had done so now that I’m writing this post.

Basically, this is not the Playland you fondly recall: They removed all the good games (including my favorite, “Track and Field,” gotta love the rolling ball controller) and replaced them with crappier ones that you’d expect to find in a Wal-Mart. Ergo, my friend and I were relegated to playing air hockey, foosball, and an arcade import of “Super Mario Bros” which had several changes not seen in the Nintendo version that ensured one could not beat the game without pumping in at least $5.00 worth of quarters…damned capitalists!

My friend and I also watched both Games 4 and 5 of the NBA Finals at local bars. Game 4 was quite amusing, nothing like being one of the few Boston supporters in the house and hearing a deathly silence as the comeback was being completed while drawing everyone’s sinister attention by clapping after every clutch play by the Celtics. I also was coincidentally wearing a green shirt and ordered a Sam Adams lager that night, which led to the waitress thinking I was a native of Boston…Not that there’s anything wrong with that (aside from the fact that my accent is a far cry from the “I pahk my cah in the Havahd yahd!” dialect).

Enough of that though, I’m going to ease back into this by providing you with some quality reading material from the blogopshere..and by “blogosphere,” I mean the following:

  • Kevin at Black Shoe Diaries provides a further look into the “It’s already signed, sealed, and delivered but for the sake of leaving message board geeks hanging in the balance, we’re holding off on an official announcement” agreement between the Big Ten Network and Comcast. FINALLY! I can watch PSU destroy juggernauts like Coastal Carolina and Indiana without suffering from the discomfort of second-hand bar smoke.
  • Iowa Hawkeye blogger Black Heart Gold Pants continues to impress with his hilarious Joe Paterno parodies. In his latest adventure, JoePa learns to use the internet for purposes other than “downloading a jar of peanut butter.”
  • Jay Paterno on the other hand, can not only download a jar of peanut butter but can also blog on Barack Obama’s website about his favorite presidental candidate, the NBA Finals, and the Spread HD offense.  Alright Jay, it’s bad enough that you screwed our program over in recruiting and are currently screwing over our QBs, but for gods sake: LEAVE BARACK OBAMA ALONE!!!
  • Last but not least, Bill Simmons offers his orgasmic thoughts on the Celtics’ 17th NBA title. Additionally, the article is also believed to be the only recorded piece of Bill Simmons literature to contain absolutely zero references to either “Hoosiers” or “The Karate Kid”

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