I’m So Nervous, I Can’t Sit And Smile…

Given the fact we’ve landed recruits #9, 10, and 11 over the past few days, all from the state of Maryland, it’s safe to say that Larry Johnson’s “Magic Bus” is once again in service, ready to rob from the poor and give to the rich (well, if you’re a bitter Terp fan at least, which I’m sure there are plenty of at this point).

What’s that…You still don’t believe me? Fine, we’ll do it LeVar Burton on Reading Rainbow style:

“Larry Johnson Sr. has had tremendous influence on high school football players in his home state of Maryland, convincing them that Penn State is the place for them to not only become great football players but also great human beings. But, hey..don’t take MY word for it!”

Stephon Morris – 5’9″ CB who runs a 4.4 40

When asked about what drew him to PSU, Morris said, “I really like their coaching staff, especially Coach Larry Johnson and they have a great tradition there with solid academics.”

Sean Stanley – 4-Star DE 6’2 275 lbs, runs a 4.75 40

I have a great relationship with Coach Larry Johnson and really like him and think he can help get me to the next level. He’s a very nice person, is family oriented and was the most interesting coach I’ve met. The entire coaching staff was great with me.”

Brandon Felder – 6’3″ WR who runs a 4.5 40

I called Coach Larry Johnson tonight and committed to Penn State,” Felder said. “He was congratulating me on making a great decision and told me that I will be getting a great education.”

So there you have it, folks: LJ is back and from what I’ve been reading via other PSU blogs and FOS, the bus ride is far from over.


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