When “Keeping It Real” Goes Wrong (Beaver Stadium Prom Night)

Penn State’s Beaver Stadium was a large, 107,000+ seated stadium that filled to capacity on most football weekends from fans who traveled far and wide and featured not only a rabid student section that some sportscasters have referred to as the “best in the country,” but also had its share of luxury boxes and even a statue of its beloved coach. It was all a football stadium could ever ask for…Except for the fact that it was only the 2nd largest stadium in America with the University of Michigan’s Michigan Stadium being the largest.

Recently, however, with Michigan announcing that its stadium would be under renovation and thus reducing the seat capacity, Beaver Stadium became the largest stadium for the time being.

Penn State could have just sat back and quietly enjoyed the honors of being #1 at something football-related for once but instead they chose to “keep it real.”

Business education teacher Rob Irwin kept this a secret for more than a year. He’d been working behind the scenes on an agreement with Penn State to hold Bellefonte Area High School’s senior ball at a new, but familiar venue this year: Beaver Stadium.

Now, scores of unsuspecting high school students will suffer the burden of a long, but narrow room with a lack of chairs/tables and a mini-dance floor carelessly thrown down in the corner, leading to dozens of casualties, and a prom to remember…For all the wrong reasons.


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