One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

Well, another year, another class of distinguished gentlemen to be elected into the College Football Hall of Fame. Saw a bunch of recognizable, deserving names like “Spittlin” Lou Holtz, Troy Aikman, Thurman Thomas, John Cooper…Wait a second, THAT John Cooper? You mean the arrogant, excuse-making, score runner upping jerk (which rumor has it, led to a PSU player suffering a career-ending neck injury) who always choked in the clutch while at Ohio State John Cooper?

MEHHHH…Just remember kids, it’s not worth winning IF YOU CAN’T WIN BIG! Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go crack the 100-point barrier on The Central Ohio Tech School Of Tractor-Pulling before this game’s over…

Let’s take a further look at the Hall of Fame’s reason for even putting this guy on the ballot in the first place:

John Cooper-Tulsa (1977-84), Arizona State (1985-87), Ohio State (1988-2000) -Led his teams to at least a share of nine conference championships and 14 bowl game appearances, including two Rose Bowls… Coached Ohio State to a Top 25 finish in 12 of 13 seasons… Coached 21 First Team All-Americas.

Translation: So what if “Coop” sported a 2-10-1 record against their arch-rivals Michigan (which in some countries, might get you tied to a tree, hanging upside down while getting smacked repeatedly with bamboo canes), never won an outright Big Ten title, was 3-8 in bowl games and squandered numerous talented teams he had in the mid-90’s? He finished in the Top 25 in all but one of his 13 years at OSU, which is good enough for their mediocrity-accepting fan base…O-H!!!


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