Contracts? We Don’t Need No Stinking Contracts!

Only at The Pennsylvania State University does something like THIS occur between a president and a coach:

University president Graham Spanier told The Associated Press in an e-mail that both the school and Paterno agree that a contract isn’t necessary for the man entering his 43rd season as Penn State coach. The sides agreed to meet, as they have in the past, at the end of the season to discuss the future.

“We are in agreement that a contract would have little practicality given Coach Paterno’s seniority. None of us see that as necessary,” Spanier wrote in the e-mail Wednesday night in response to a request for an update from the AP.

Asked Thursday to clarify the arrangement, Spanier replied in a follow-up message, “There will not be a new contract. We have an understanding that a contract is not necessary or practical.

“The absence of a contract with a specified number of years does not, however, imply any particular retirement date,” he wrote. “We will review the status of the program at the end of the season, as we always do.”

At this point, there’s two basic camps of thought:
1. The End Is Near: Spanier and Curley are easily the most clueless administrators on the face of the Earth
2. This is a very kind, back-handed way of Spanier putting his JoePa replacement strategy into fruition

HHV however, has managed to get a hold of some secretly taped insider footage from the highly publicized meetings with said President and coach that was sent in to us from an anonymous reader. Take a look for yourself, as it may reveal a clue as to why negotiations led absolutely nowhere.


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