All Aboard The “Stephen Curry Express”

Well, my brackets overall are not doing so hot (damn you: Villanova, Western KY Jelly, Xavier, Michigan State, Tennessee, and Stanford) but at least I got one of my “sleeper” picks right. I’m talking of course about Davidson getting into the Sweet 16. That alone made me a happy camper, particularly since practically everybody else had Georgetown at least making it to the Elite 8, if not further.

This is first time I can recall a practical “one-man show” carrying a team past the tourney’s first weekend since Wally Szczerbiak at Miami(OH) back in 1999, no doubt we’re about to see Stephen Curry’s draft stock rise exponentially after putting up 40 and 30 point games respectively. Keep in mind too, that Georgetown knew about this kid and likely had a game plan in place specifically for shutting him down, which makes his scoring feat that much more impressive.

HHV fondly recalls a time when the NCAA Tournament was part of “Wally’s World”

There’s arguably no sweeter feeling on the planet than bragging to your friends about your Nostradamus-like ability to pick sleepers when they in fact do come true as their reactions usually range from congratulatory to cursing you out while cursing themselves at the same time for not having the insight/balls to make such a pick themselves.

Not even Paul Mooney saw Davidson getting beyond the first weekend of the tournament…

Now, if only Butler didn’t choke on tuna fish…


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