Illinois: Part III

This WAS supposed to be another “Contest” post but it turns out Rants From The District decided to leave the country for the week without bothering to give me advance notice…Here’s to hoping he contracts a couple STDs from a European prostitute.

Anywho, the Fighting DeChellises are an 8-point underdog for Round 3 against the Fighting Illini. I take it the oddsmakers didn’t even read the box scores of the first two times we beat them, let alone watch them. I guess they’re taking our 0-3 neutral site record (a result of the debacle down in Disney World back in November) for granted.

I too, have a bad feeling about this game due to our road/neutral site woes lately, plus the fact that it’s very difficult in college basketball to beat the same team three times in one season…But if we do lose, it’s not going to be by 8 points. If I were a gambling man (which I’m not: Save for March Madness and Super Bowl pools), I would throw fucking Fort Knox down on PSU covering the spread: We beat Illinois with Geary Claxton, and we’ve beaten them without Claxton. We beat them when we totally out-rebounded them and we beat them when they out-rebounded us. We beat them in Champaign and we beat them in State College…

By now you get the gist of what I’m trying to say: Our team has the utmost of confidence when it comes to facing Illinois this season, injuries and other setbacks be damned. Perhaps another game against the Illini is all we need to get rid of that “goose egg” in the neutral site W/L column.

If you want a statistical analysis: UncleLar’s got it for you at Happy Valley Hoops. We’re pretty evenly matched with them, save for a couple categories so once again, expect an extremely hard-fought, close contest that could go either way. A win for us today would mean we’re one step closer to potentially securing a bid for the brand spankin’ new CBI tournament and to that I say: GO STATE LET’S 3-PEAT!


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