“The Contest” vs. Michigan

Believe it or not, there ARE worse collapses out there than the Fighting DeChellises in Big Ten play.  Rants From The District and I, after 5-2 and 6-1 starts respectively, are now both 8-8 in our PSU Hoops prediction competition after being wrong yet again on picking PSU to cover the spread because we were a 2-point favorite, and we only won by a single point.

We now face a grudge match with Michigan, a team that while they have improved nicely over the past month (winning 4 out of 5 before giving Northwestern its first Big Ten victory), is still the same young, depleted, struggling bunch we faced last time.  There was NO EXCUSE to losing to these guys the first time around and to lose again to these guys tonight should leave little doubt left as to whether Eddie D’s job is in jeopardy.

RFTD and I are both taking PSU (-3) to cover, particularly if they can force anything close to the 17 turnovers they did against Iowa (which really was the main reason we beat a hot-shooting Hawkeye squad).  We also can’t *fathom* the possibility of getting swept by these guys, let alone dropping below .500 in our own standings.


2 Responses to “The Contest” vs. Michigan

  1. Is anything better than beating THEM at any sport? I don’t think so.

  2. Taking a dump on Rich Rodriguez’s jacket would be one of the exceptions.

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